100 YEARS AGO: The second member if the jail breaking trio which made a getaway from the Marinette County Jail the latter part of October has been arrested and is on his way back to the city from Milwaukee where Undersheriff Butes was called by Milwaukee authorities. Edward Johnson the senior member of the three is the latest victim of arrest. Johnson, Thomas and a third one of the men broke out of the Marinette jail in October after inducing the turnkey to open the cell and bring them some ice cream. They had been charged with stealing 30,000 cigarets from a northwestern railway car in this city last August. Soon after the jail delivery, Sheriff Holquist and Detective Crowder held a conference and the detective asserted that the three men would in time be re-arrested and compelled to serve time for their crimes. Eli Thomas was arrested in Milwaukee several weeks ago and brought back to the city where he entered a plea of guilty to larceny and was sentenced to three months in county jail. 

50 YEARS AGO: As matters now stand, more than 80 years of streetcar and bus transportation on the streets of Marinette and Menominee will come to an end Friday. In an order dated Monday at Madison, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approved the abandonment of service by the Twin City Bus Line. The firm, owned by Clem Bellemore and Clarence Kamradt, announced that it will suspend operations at 6 p.m. Friday. “The inability of the partnership to replace needed equipment and the decline of revenues make the cessation of service inevitable,” the commission order stated. The commission held a hearing on the petition for abandonment Nov. 13. At that time the firm submitted figures which showed a substantial and continual loss of patronage in recent years. The partners indicated that an increase in fares would not produce sufficient additional revenues. The order by the state agency stated: “The partnership has been cutting expenses by driving more themselves and hiring less of the driving done.” 

25 YEARS AGO: A salary and benefits survey of 16 Michigan counties shows a wide fluctuation of salaries between Menominee County and the total averages. Figures provided to the county personnel committee Thursday show that Menominee County pays its employees an average of $22,382, which is 3.9 percent less than the survey average of $23,289. The survey shows the largest difference in salaries was seen in the friend of court’s position, at $27,456. The average maximum salary, however, is 30.4 percent larger at $39,450. The highest percentage difference for the above-average salary, Hamann pointed out, was recorded for the bailiff’s position, which is paid $20,540. This is 23.5 percent greater than the average maximum salary of $16,625. Overall, Hamann said the salaries of elected officials tend to be lower than the average. While it may be a little lower on the wages side, the survey showed Menominee County provided above-average benefits. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: The census at the Marinette County Jail has begun to rise after two months of declines, Jail Administrator Bob Majewski told the county’s board’s Law Enforcement Committee on Monday. “For January of this year we were down considerably from last year, which was good,” he reported. “But it’s starting to climb again. We’re at between 120 and 124 so far in February.” Majewski noted in his report that the daily head count in the 165-bed facility that opened in 2004 averaged 113 in January compared to 136 in the same month in 2014 and 132.74 in 2018. He reported to the committee last month the average census in December was 104 inmates and 128 for all of 2014, down about five from 2013. Sheriff Jerry Sauve has continually expressed concerns about high jail populations. Majewski also makes a monthly report on the issue to the County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee. “The state jail inspector will be here next Tuesday (Feb. 17) to conduct her annual report,” Majewski said.