100 YEARS AGO: The questions of whether or not Marinette wants a company in the Wisconsin National Guard is now put before the public and Thursday evening the final answer must be given. If the required number of signatures sixty-five are not had by the officers, this city will forfeit its right to the name, Co. 1. That information was received this morning from the office of the adjutant general at Madison. Two months ago a campaign was launched to get members for the local company and prospects for the first week or so were bright. However, after the newness, if the hopes for an organized company wore off, interest dropped. 

50 YEARS AGO: For the first time in history of Marinette Public Schools, a master contract has been negotiated between the board of education and Marinette Education Association. The agreement was approved Monday by the teachers and the board to climax more than three months of discussion. The pact includes a salary index for 1970. It provides for a base rate $500 higher than that on which teacher compensation now is computed. The increase takes effect Jan. 1, under provisions of current teacher contracts. The master contract was accepted by a unanimous vote of MEA members. 

25 YEARS AGO: Garbage collection: It’s a dirty job, but the city may have found a way to reduce its cost by $45,732 and increase the efficiency of city crews. The Menominee Public Works Committee Thursday recommended the approval of a draft outlining possible changes in the city’s present sanitation services, such as garbage collection, yard waste/rubbish pickup, spring cleanup and recycling. The draft was complied by Mayor John Baker, City Clerk Tony Furton, Director of Public Works George Krah, Police Works Committee Chairmen Mike Raygo, city employees and members of the private sector, who were looking different ways of streamlining sanitation costs. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: Some residents in the city of Marinette are in an uproar because of a letter sent out Friday from the Water Utility Department. The letter stated that a fee for fire protection, that was suspended, now needs to be collected. A Marinette citizen alerted the EagleHerald Tuesday of the bills that were issued for the back charge. The Water Utility Department Business Manager Dana Weber did not meet with the EagleHerald Wednesday, but referred inquiries to City Attorney Jonathan Sbar. According to Sbar, there is a pending rate case with Schenck SC, an accounting, tax and business firm out of Green Bay, to increase the water rate in the City of Marinette.