100 YEARS AGO: There will be a meeting tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 3) of the health board and the school authorities to consider the influenza situation as far as the schools are concerned. Over 1,100 children are absent in the public and parochial schools; which is more than a third of the pupils. On account of the extensive absents it may be considered advisable to close the schools. There was one death yesterday (Dec. 2) of influenza. There are 184 cases in the city today. Most cases are the milder sort and conditions here are not deemed serious. 

50 YEARS AGO: It shouldn’t be too much longer before proud Menominee residents, young and old, will be touring the new senior high school building for the first time. What they’ll see will inspire applause. The magnificent $3,197,183 structure is off 18th Street in the northwestern sector of the community and just north of the present Central Elementary School. The Menominee County airport and the R. J. Enstrom Corporation are to the west of the new senior high school. School officials are shooting for a target of completion in September, 1969, in time for the fall term. 

25 YEARS AGO: Slowly but surely, it looks like Menominee County is inching closer to the creation of an economic development plan. Barabra Keller Francis of the Mooney LeSage Group of Brookfield, Wis., joined local businessmen, city and county officials and chamber of commerce representatives to work on the strategic development of the plan and set timelines for the achievement of it. To do this, the group worked on creating a steering committee that would oversee the plan, coordinate work groups, work on creating the long-term structure of the plan and find ways to achieve the structure. 

FIVE YEARS AGO: After decades of blight, the luster is returning to the former FNT Building on 1st Street. Work is progressing inside and out on the new Lloyd House Apartments. The most notable change in recent days is the addition of windows. While construction crews push forward to complete the 44-unit, low- to moderate-income complex, Kelly Beach, regional property manager with KMG Prestige, is busy lining up tenants as part of a preleasing process. As of Friday (Dec. 6), 16 of the units have been spoken for and about a dozen other people have qualified for a unit and are expected to be contacted shortly.