100 YEARS AGO: “Accordingly,” said Dr. Berglund, “I will take up the matter of closing the schools, churches, theaters and prohibiting all public gatherings of whatever nature in Marinette immediately and decided tomorrow. The closing order, if issued, will take effect in the schools next week and theaters tomorrow evening.” There are two new cases of the influenza in Marinette and quite a number of suspicious grip cases. The new cases are Edward Olson, 345 Alameda Street, critically ill; and Minnie Last, 2914 Parkridge, mild case.

50 YEARS AGO: A permit was issued this week to Howard Herild Construction Company of Menominee for the erection of a Col. Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken Inc., restaurant to be built at 1045 10th St. adjacent the Epiphany School. The owners of the franchise indicated they want to be open for business Dec. 1.

25 YEARS AGO: Branch Davidian leader David Koresh “choreographed his own death and the deaths of most of his followers” in the nightmarish end to the 51-day standoff with federal agents., said a government report absolving the FBI of wrongdoing in its tear-gas assault. Koresh bartered children’s lives “like pieces of silver” in sham negotiations with authorities before he followers set fire to the compound and killed children with knives, guns and clubs, Edward S. G. Dennis Jr., a former Justice Department official who headed the probe, said Friday.

FIVE YEARS AGO: Monday was a terrific day for Marinette County Elderly Services as it found out that it won a Toyota Sienna in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good contest. The non-profit agency based in Crivitz finished second among five finalists in online voting done Sunday. The top two finishers won Toyotas and the other three will receive $1,000 each. Elderly Services Director Pam Mueller Johnson told the county board last month that being a winner in the contest would enable the agency to replace an aging vehicle based in Wausaukee that it uses to deliver meals to the elderly.