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  • 3/16/2013 -Waves hand in front of your face- "You will buy Kinect Star Wars."

    It didn't work, did it? Apparently I need some more training from Master Yoda. Read on about my first experience using Kinect and playing Kinect Star Wars.

  • 3/5/2013 So, with a few years of my parents having their house on the market, it sold in the middle of winter. So, we moved, twice, in the middle of winter, but that's not the point. What is the point, is that I'm missing some prime time gaming time.

  • 10/28/2012 There's nothing like that new game smell. When you take it out of its new plastic box, after spending at least 8 minutes (unless you're a total pro) taking off the plastic cover and stickers along the sides.

  • 9/19/2012 Social media this and social media that. What is this "social media" and what's it doing to my television shows?

  • 8/22/2012 Like majority of people, I've watched my fair share of television shows, and can't wait until some of my current shows begin this fall.

  • 8/15/2012 I have to admit, I love to read a book or play a game or watch a movie that everyone is all up in arms about - mostly to see why they're freaking out.

  • 8/9/2012 "Let us not stand on ceremony, Mr. Wayne." - Bane, as he makes Batman's first formal acquaintance. Whether good or bad, characters can make a real impression.

  • 8/1/2012 I have often been called "gadget girl" for obvious reasons. And although I'm not quite as bad about buying them, unless I have a genuine use for them. But I have to admit, my rationalizations for the purchase aren't always as honest as I would like. At least I try...

  • 7/20/2012 In video games, there are occasionally companions who help you out a lot, or not so much, but either way they're there with you through your triumphs and tribulations in the game.

  • 7/11/2012 Are you ever playing a brand new game and realize that new game smell and feel has worn off? I have the problem sometimes, as most people who play games do, but lately I've felt the need to polish off some of the old games.

  • 7/4/2012 I've always loved the Fourth of July. I've been getting fireworks with my dad since I was little. We even used to go as far as getting ratings ...

  • 6/20/2012 Video and computers games aren't exactly what everyone thinks they are. One thing is that they are a very social something to do.

  • 6/13/2012 I haven't felt my best the last few days, so I wasn't really in the mood to battle the forces of evil by computer, do my work (but I kept going) or like writing (I have to admit, writing this blog was a little torturous at first). I didn't even know what to write about this week, nothing was making me feel good and I was just blah. So, I wanted to get out of that funk, and I started to think of my favorite things to do when I feel like ick.

  • 6/6/2012 With the rash of zombie-like carnage on the news and posts on Facebook, I figured I should at least say something about zombies. ...

  • 5/23/2012 My trip to the book store started out as a regular shopping experience of book parusal until... dun, dun, DUN ... it jumped off of the shelf. You're not going to believe what I saw. At least I didn't. 0_o

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