MARINETTE/MENOMINEE — All students are encouraged to join schools from around the world in celebrating International Walk to School Day Oct. 2.

Safe Kids Marinette County and The Greater Marinette-Menominee YMCA are partnering to be able to provide Walk to School Day events at Garfield, Park and Merryman Elementary schools in Marinette along with Central and Blesch Intermediate schools in Menominee. Students are encouraged to walk to school with their parents, teachers and community leaders. Other activities are also being planned to make walking to school extra fun and safe. Even though events may not be planned at other schools, students are still encouraged to walk to school.

People are asked to review these tips with their children to make sure they get to and from school safely:

■ Younger children should always walk with an adult

■ If a child can walk to school on their own, they should walk with a friend when possible

■ Parents should pick a safe route to school for their children to walk

■ Children should not push, shove or chase each other near a street

■ Children should never take rides from people that are not arranged by their parents

■ Children should always wear bright-colored clothes

■ Teach children to look out for vehicles at driveways, intersections and parked cars that may be getting ready to move

■ Remind children to obey traffic signs, signals and crossing guards

■ To cross a street safely, children should: Stop at the edge of the street; look left, right, left, behind and in front for traffic; wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing; keep looking for traffic until one has finished crossing; walk, don’t run across the street.