MARINETTE — This year the Northwoods Tobacco-Free Coalition (NWTFC) once again conducted tobacco compliance checks. A total of 57 random checks were completed in Marinette County and 12 stores were found to have sold tobacco to a minor which makes our county’s illegal sales rate 21 percent, up from last year’s rate of 12 percent.
Wisconsin Wins and Marinette County Public Health encourage all clerks selling tobacco to card anyone who looks to be under the age of 40 and to refuse the sale without proper verification of age. Stores who sell tobacco products to minors not only risking the health of our youth, but also risk receiving fines. For more information on how to properly train employees to read IDs please visit: The site offers a free, online training program.
Wisconsin Wins would like to thank the majority of stores who do not sell tobacco to minors, as eliminating tobacco sales to minors can help improve the health of our youth and brighten our community’s future. For additional information on the Wisconsin Wins program, persons may contact Marinette County Public Health at 715-732-7670.