Empower more than yourself. Empower and strengthen your community.
In these difficult times, when the concept of community itself is questioned, and the true power of “us” is unknown to many, the Y continues to bridge gaps, bring people together and offer valuable programs and opportunities for all. Everything we do strengthens communities and the “us” who live in them. By empowering those around us we all get better together.
Below is a great exercise you can take out to your mission fields to empower staff that what they do everyday makes a difference in strengthening our community.
Think about your job title and, using the formula below, write a description that gets to the impact of the work you do to strengthen community.
What I really do
Purpose: Help staff and volunteers understand their role in strengthening community.
Audience: All staff and volunteer leaders
Cause-driven behavior: Develop passionate, cause-driven leaders
Complete the following sentences:
¦ My job title says:
¦ But what I really am is a:
¦ Because I:
The following are three examples:
¦ My job title says: Membership service staff; But what I really am is a: Community builder; Because I: Help people feel at home at the Y
¦ My job title says: Wellness coach; But what I really am is a: Personal change and empowerment agent; Because I: Help people create healthier lifestyles and lead happier lives
¦ My job title says: After school program leader; But what I really am is a: Self-confidence and skill builder; Because I: Help kids discover their talents and get better at them.
Us is empowering. Every day, the YMCA strengthens communities for kids, adults, seniors and families with programs that protect, teach, connect, heal, nourish and encourage. It’s how we help communities and the “us” who live in them find the power of their full potential. We can’t do it alone. Donate for a better us.
Jenni Campbell, YMCA Mission Director, can be reached at the Greater Marinette-Menominee YMCA, 1600 West Drive, Menominee, 906-863-9983.