Zion Lutheran Church in Marinette has been able to reach out to agencies and people of the community through its Mission Endowment Fund.

In June, a committee of Zion members reviews applications and selects grant recipients. The awards are announced and distributed in August or September.

Applications are now available for the 2020 awards. Agencies, charities, and/or individuals with project ideas are encouraged to pick up an application at Zion’s office, located at 2714 James St., Marinette, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon.

For questions, or additional information, people may contact Zion at 715-735-7898 or zion@newbc.rr.com. To date, the individual monies distributed have ranged from $200 to just under $2,000, depending on the request.

Recipients of the 2019 awards and their purchases included Haven of Hope Homeless Shelter who used the funds for transportation costs to job interviews and clinic appointments as well as steel-toed boots for a place of employment; Northland Lutheran Retirement Community who purchased a keyboard for the chapel at the Luther Home; and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America for disaster response, both in the U.S. and globally.

Funds were also awarded to the Head Start Program in Peshtigo to purchase developmentally appropriate equipment for the classroom. Students now have teeter-totters made for toddlers as well as youth, tricycles, a caterpillar crawling tunnel, a large slide, a large sandbox with toys, two sets of balancing blocks, an indoor toddler climber and other items.

The Marinette Kids R Us University Head Start program also received an award that was used to redo the outside playground. The children now have climbers, a playhouse/slide combo, a caterpillar tunnel, an assortment of trucks, balls and a large sandbox. New sand and wood chips were added to enhance the playground area.

Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp was given an award to help purchase a used Ford F-150 truck and additional accessories. They use it year-round for plowing and hauling equipment, supplies and furniture.