MARINETTE — Main Street Electric Tattoo’s annual Ribbon Tattoo Event raised $11,700 for local cancer patients Oct. 19. The expanding event produced more than 200 tattoos. Fellow businesses and community members came together to donate basket items for a raffle to also raise funds.

To date, Main Street Electric has donated nearly $50,000 to the local hospital’s cancer center through the eight years of the Ribbon Tattoo Event.

“We started this event because we wanted to give back to our community. Every year we learn more about the event, the people and the cause,” Ryan Mireau, owner of Main Street Electric Tattoo said. “It’s great to see my staff put their heart and soul into this year after year. We’re able to give back and connect with our community by listening to their stories, seeking sponsorships, just overall building up this annual event.”

There were four tattoo artists that spent 11 straight hours tattooing. Individuals were able to participate in a variety of ways including the raffles and having food from the food trucks.