MENOMINEE — The M&M Parkinson Support Group and the Red Horse Parkinson Alliance will hold a special Parkinson Presentation, “Parkinsons 101” Saturday at Schloegel’s Bay View Restaurant. Coffee and muffins will be served at 8:30 a.m. A 911 presentation will be at 9, followed by Dr. Paul Nausieda from Milwaukee at 10. Nausida is a nationally recognized Parkinson specialist, movement disorder and researcher, and he will discuss the ABCs of Parkinson Disease, as well as take questions. Nausieda will also share treatment options as well as the newest medications available.

The other topic will be “You’ve Called 911, Now What?” This topic will be addressed by Karen Erickson, CCRN, BSN, EMT-B and Toni Ihler, EMT-A, medical malpractice mediator, WI Supreme Court.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is very complex. Most literature would agree that PD is a chronic, progressive, neurological disease that was first described by Dr. James Parkinson in his book, “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy.” There are some cardinal symptoms of PD however PD is very much an individual disease. Comparisons between patients may not be applicable. It should also be noted that Parkinson’s does not just affect the individual diagnosed with the disease, everyone associated with the individual will be affected to some degree, the spouse, partner, parents, children, grandchildren, coworkers, siblings and extended family and friends. Knowledge is power and it is recommended that those journeying through PD become as knowledgeable as possible about their disease or the disease of their friend, loved one and coworker. Open communication is also important if this journey is to be less stressful. Parkinson Disease is the most prevalent movement disorder today affecting more than 10 million people in the United States. 

Seating is limited so people are asked to reserve a spot by calling Pat Ihler at 906-863-9445 or Esther Rumple at 715-732-8345. There is a suggested donation of $10 and all donations are tax-deductible.