PULASKI, Wis. — The Marinette, Shawano and Oconto County offices of UW-Madison, Division of Extension are offering a local workshop to help forage producers get ready for the 2020 growing season. The event is being held at the Chase Town Hall, 8481 County Trunk S, Friday, with registration beginning at 9:40 a.m. and all programs complete by about 2:30 p.m.

There are four main topics on the docket. Kimberly Schmidt, Shawano County agriculture educator, will discuss grass and alfalfa mixes as one way to improve alfalfa stand yield and longevity. She will also review their applicability in the livestock ration. The other morning topic is optimization of manure and nutrient applications on perennial and annual forages. Carrie Laboski, Soil Fertility/Nutrient Management Extension Soil Scientist, will review the key nutrient management principles that form the foundation of soil health and profitable forage production. Without proper nutrient management, optimizing yield and quality is nearly impossible.

Matt Akins, Extension dairy specialist at the Marshfield Agricultural Research Station, will lead an analysis of alternative forage options after lunch. There are many other forages besides alfalfa and corn silage that can fit in well in a livestock farm’s forage production plan. Akins will cover both cool- and warm-season annual forages, discussing yield and quality expectations, as well as how to manage them for differing livestock groups.

Also in the afternoon will be alfalfa management, along with other perennial legumes. Recent years have caused significant challenges in keeping the term perennial in front of these species, but we can improve our odds by paying attention to management. This discussion, facilitated by Scott Reuss, crops/soils Extension agent, will focus on the key aspects of keeping perennial legume stands at their best, as well as reviewing stand assessment and the economics of making stand management decisions.

Attendee questions and discussion will form a key component of the day. There will be a $15 per person or $25 per farm (any number of attendees) registration fee, including lunch and all handouts, for this event. The per-farm registration fee is intended to assist having all forage management decision-makers attend to be able to jump-start the on-farm decisions which are likely going to be made as we enter the 2020 cropping season.

Anyone who wishes to attend is asked to contact Reuss to register, primarily to make certain that lunch and materials are available for all attendees. Either call 715-732-7510 or email to scott.reuss@wisc.edu to register. Payment will be collected onsite and onsite registration will be accepted.

People may contact Scott or Nancy at 715-732-7510 to set up any type of accommodation or assistance that may require to attend this event. All requests will be kept confidential.