The AARP Tax Aide Program is again offering free tax help for senior citizens and low income taxpayers. This year the sessions will be held at the Stephenson Public Library in Marinette for Wisconsin taxpayers and the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Menominee for Michigan taxpayers.

AARP tax assistance is free, confidential and provided by IRS/AARP-trained and -certified local volunteers. Volunteers will prepare tax returns and answer questions. E­-filing is also available.

Sessions at the Stephenson Library will begin Feb. 5 and end April 11. They will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

The Emmanuel Lutheran Church sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings beginning Feb. 5. Emmanuel Lutheran is located at 2901 13 St., Menominee.

Michigan and Wisconsin returns can be done at both sites but Wisconsin taxpayers are encouraged to make appointment at the Stephenson Library and Michigan taxpayers at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

For appointments at the library, people may call Cheryl at 715-938-1084 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For appointments at Emmanuel Lutheran, people may call Judy at 906-863-3431.

If married filing jointly, it is important both taxpayers are present when tax returns are being prepared. Each taxpayer must also have a picture ID and Social Security card.

The following items should be brought to the appointment:

■ Picture ID and social security cards for all taxpayers and dependents.

■ Copy of last years income tax returns.

■ Form 1095A if health insurance was obtained through the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace (exchange).

■ W-2 forms showing all earned income.

■ SSA-1099 showing social security benefits.

■ I 099 forms showing interest and dividends earned.

■ I 099-R forms showing pensions and annuities received.

■ 1099 forms showing miscellaneous income.

■ Receipts or canceled checks if itemizing deductions.

■ Dependent care information.

■ Documentation showing original purchase price of stocks and/or assets sold during the year.

■ If applying for the Homestead Credit a copy of the 2018 property tax bill is required. For Wisconsin residents, renters must have a completed rent certificate from their landlord. Michigan residents need the name, address and phone number of their landlord.