Are you in a world of doctor’s visits, changing medical conditions, financial decisions, equipment needs, home repairs or maintenance and the list goes on and on? These situations can be overwhelming and make it difficult to even know where to start.

When situations change and you don’t know where to begin, please start with the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Marinette County. The ADRC can provide you with accurate and objective information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability whether you are looking for yourself, or you are a concerned family member or friend or a professional working with issues related to aging or disabilities. The ADRC of Marinette County is here to help.

Our aim is to partner with you to provide practical knowledge and information so that you are able to make informed choices and access the most appropriate community services, supports and resources.

The ADRC of Marinette County:

■ Provides a welcoming place where older people and people with disabilities can go for information, guidance and assistance on accessing community services;

■ Provides one central location for reliable and objective information about the broad range of community resources and services;

■ Helps people understand the various long-term care options available, thus enabling people to make the best decision possible;

■ Serves as the access point for publicly-funded long term care; and

■ Assists people to apply for programs and benefits.

The information and service provided by the ADRC of Marinette County are free of charge to all Wisconsin residents. These services can be provided at the Marinette ADRC office, via telephone, or through a home visit, whichever is most convenient.

The ADRC of Marinette County can connect you to community resources about: 

■ In-home personal care and nursing options;

■ Adaptive equipment resources;

■ Housing options, including assisted living;

■ Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security;

■ Prescription drug coverage resources and options;

■ Caregiver support, including area support groups;

■ Dementia specific information;

■ Transportation resources;

■ Health and wellness resources;

■ Nutritional program resources;

■ Adult protective services, including guardianship; and

■ And many more community gems!

We’re here to partner with you through all of life’s changes and challenges. The ADRC of Marinette County offers events, activities and workshops throughout Marinette County for persons seeking information resulting from the challenges of aging and/or disability. The ADRC offers monthly Alzheimer’s Education Classes, facilitates the “Dementia Live” experience which provides participants a real-life simulation of what it may be like to live with dementia, thus heightening the awareness of the challenges faced by those who live with dementia and many other awareness activities and events. People may contact the ADRC at 715-732-3850 or stop at our office which is located at 2500 Hall Ave., Marinette if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Pam Daye is the supervisor of the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Marinette County.