Name: Joe Krzewina
Address: Crivitz
Why the benefit is being held: In late June, Joe Krzewina, former Crivitz businessman and philanthropist, was diagnosed with metastasized prostate cancer, which is considered terminal. He and his family did extensive research and chose an alternative, unconventional treatment by Dr. Tallio and Dr. Simoncini at a clinic in Tempe, Ariz. His PSA numbers dropped significantly as his cancer is now in remission and his prognosis is good that he will be cured. His treatments have been costly and Medicare does not cover these medical expenses.
When the benefit is: Oct. 24, 3 p.m.
Where: The Hawk Bar and Grill, formerly the Mohawk Bar, located on Noquebay Lake, Crivitz
Who’s putting it on: Hawk Bar and Grill, family and friends.
Where to send donations: Bank Mutual, Crivitz
Special details of the benefit: Bucket raffles, 50/50 raffle, food and drinks will be available. Raffle items include various art items, gift certificates, vacations, packer items and more. The band Daphni, Green Bay, will play at 8 p.m.
Contact information: Lauren Ebbecke, 715-630-0239, or Nora Swanson at the Hawk Bar and Grill, 715-854-7824.