MENOMINEE — The Wellness Clinic has recently expanded into The Harbors.

The Wellness Clinic, which will soon be known as Advanced Wellness and Physical Therapy, is based in Marinette and moved into The Harbors Aug. 5. “There aren’t any other physical therapy clinics in Menominee,” said Kris Tebo, a certified physical therapist and doctor of physical therapy at the clinic, “Even though Menominee and Marinette are very close, it’s nice to not have to go quite so far if you live in Menominee or north of Menominee.”

She also said they wanted to have a different feel to their new clinic, and moving into The Harbors was the best fit for what she had in mind. “We were looking to have more of an intimate feeling, a little more focused for specialty treatments,” she said.

In addition to general physical therapy, Tebo said the new clinic would be offering special treatment focused on chronic pain, persistent pain, back pain, neck pain and headaches, as well as issues related to women’s health such as pelvic pain and urinary incontinence. “We’re also doing a lot with balance and fall prevention, osteoporosis care, difficulties walking and some of the less intense post-surgical things that aren’t necessarily gym-based,” she said.

Much of what Tebo had envisioned when expanding the clinic was a homier atmosphere, since she said many patients felt more comfortable in less clinical or gym-like atmospheres, especially for patients with more intimate issues, such as the mentioned women’s health problems or headaches, who would benefit from a quieter environment.

She said the clinic is part of a bigger practice, and the president of that practice got his start in physical therapy at what is now The Harbors in the same office the new clinic is in. “There was a physical therapy office in this very space many years ago, and he did some job shadowing here, and this is where he decided to become a therapist. When we got together and I told him this is the space that I thought would be great, he told me that story. It’s really been a great full-circle thing for our office,’ she said.

In the process of expanding into Menominee, the Wellness Clinic discovered that their name is already in use by a different clinic somewhere else in Michigan, so before coming across the river they needed to change their name to Advanced Wellness and Physical Therapy. “Eventually we’ll be transitioning our Marinette clinic to have the same name just so that it’s clear that we’re all one,” Tebo said.

The process of coming over to Michigan also involves re-credentialing. Tebo said their clinic will need to re-do some of their credentialing with the insurance companies they’re already in network with as a result of expanding across state borders, since some policies don’t transfer across state lines. “It’s a little bit of a waiting game as we re-credential, but it’s definitely been an exciting process being in two different states.”

Tebo said the clinic is also looking to expand further and add massage therapy to their list of services, as well as some nutrition consultation and Silver Sneakers exercise classes for those who have Medicare plans that pay for them.

The clinic is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.