John Liesveld/EagleHerald
Earlier in October, workers hoist the new sign in place for Shopko Optical’s new address at 2910 Roosevelt Road, Marinette.
John Liesveld/EagleHerald

Earlier in October, workers hoist the new sign in place for Shopko Optical’s new address at 2910 Roosevelt Road, Marinette.

MARINETTE — Inside the human retina, over one million nerve fibers continually coordinate and send signals down the optical nerve and to the brain’s eye center. 

“It’s a fascinating and very intricate and complex organ,” said optometrist Mike Banwart.

Lately, for those with open eyes and a million healthy nerve fibers, the sight of the new Shopko Optical location, situated at 2910 Roosevelt Road near Walmart, inside the same building as Game Stop and other stores, might have illuminated those optical centers in the brain. And taking care of those nerve fibers and other delicate eye components falls to Dr. Banwart and the rest of the staff inside their band new location. 

According to Banwart, aside from location, everything about the store is nearly the same as the prior location. Additionally the store brought all its original employees to the new address. For those needing eye exams, the store sits in a prominent position, making it easy for the eye to spot. If the busy lobby and appointment schedule Friday afternoon suggests anything about the new locale, it says something good.

“It’s nice to be in a in a stand alone location,” Banwart said. “It is busy.”

Formerly located inside the Shopko department store, which closed its doors earlier this year, the store’s new location reflects Shopko Optical’s goal to open over 80 new locations across the country in 2019 with further growth expected in the coming year. 

For over 40 years, Shopko Optical has been a trusted provider to communities like Marinette providing superior eyewear and professional eye care personalized for each patient’s lifestyle. Banwart added, the store provides convenient hours that include early mornings, evenings and weekends.  Additionally, Shopko Optical accepts most major vision plans, including EyeMed Vision Care and Spectera, as well as discount plans. 

“People take their eyes and general health for granted,” Banwart said. “We offer comprehensive eye care that includes full exams, contact lens fitting and diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.”

Banwart represents one of the 700 optometrists and opticians who provide patient-centric care and high-quality eyewear. With 18 years of experience, many of those years serving the City of Marinette, he exudes the same the dedicated service that employees and the company aim to provide.

“Shopko Optical has a great history of bringing professional eye care and superior eyewear to local areas,” said Shopko Optical CEO Russ Steinhorst. “We want residents living in or near Marinette to continue creating exceptional relationships and experiences with Dr. Banwart.”

Banwart remains enthusiastic about keeping things bright for the eyes of Marinette and outlying communities.

“I’m happy I decided to do this as a career,” he said. “I enjoy serving the community.” 

Shopko Optical’s parent company, Monarch Alternative Capital LP, founded in 2002, is headquartered in New York.