MENOMINEE — At the end of April, the North Shore Golf Club was officially sold. According to manager Shelly Kanyuh, the club was traditionally run by the members, up until this year when it was bought.

“They always had a board of directors, and it was owned by the members of the club since it opened in 1926,” she said.

The new owner is Gabor Zsolnay, a resident of Chicago and owner of two other golf courses in the Upper Peninsula, according to Tom Wilson, another of the club’s managers. “He’s from Hungary originally. He moved here when he was young and his landing spot was in Powers, so he has a fondness for the U.P. He also owns Garden Golf Club and Stony Point Golf Course in Manistique,” he said.

Kanyuh said the way Zsolnay came to purchase the club is a pretty interesting story in itself. “We closed last season thinking this was it. We were struggling for quite a few years, and we thought this was the end. We had the ‘For Sale’ sign in the parking lot, and two days before we were going to give the keys back to the bank, he drove by.”

Zsolnay was on his way back to Chicago from a visit to his course in Garden and saw the sign in North Shore’s parking lot. “He pulled into the parking lot and walked around a bit, there was snow on it at the time, and he made an offer,” Wilson said. Kanyuh said he never even set foot in the building and knew he wanted to buy it, and that the decision was really cut-and-dry.

“First thing he did was cut rates 20% across the board trying to get people to play again,” Wilson said.

Wilson said Zsolnay likes to call himself an “enabler.” When he purchases a course or does work with any new group of people, he said Zsolnay likes to keep things going. Wilson said, “He wants to preserve the history of this place, and he wants to have a 100 year celebration in 2026.”

“We would like to keep striving to get it back to its heyday,” Kanyuh said, “and get the word out that it is a public course. It’s not just members; we really don’t have members (like we did) anymore, so it’s open to anyone who likes to golf, even beginners who are just learning.”

According to Wilson, the club recently has had around 100 players as opposed to the 400 or more the club had in the 1970s and ‘80s.