MENOMINEE — S&O Lock is now located at Plaza Ace Hardware in Menominee, which has recently changed its name to Andy’s Ace Hardware.

According to owner Keith Killen, the name change for the store came about as an effort to look forward to the future. He said with S&O Lock recently celebrating tits 50th anniversary, Killen wanted to prepare the store for the next 50 years. He said Jason Anderson, his son-in-law and manager at the store, goes by “Andy” as a nickname, so Killen decided to change the name of the store on his behalf as a way to look ahead for the local store.

Brian Swenson of S&O Lock said his brother and business partner, Mark, knew Killen when he had first come to town with Angeli’s. He said they had done work for him back then and stayed in communication with him as time went on. “One of the topics was a succession plan for my brother and I. We always had in the back of our heads that this would be a good connection,” he said.

He said someone else had reached out to the Swensons and offered to buy the business, but that offer fell through and after taking a closer look at it, Killen decided to take them in at Ace.

Swenson said one of the bigger benefits to their new location, according to their customers, is that the new location is easier to get to. He said S&O Lock’s old location, on County Trunk B, according to his customers, was often confusing to find for many. Now, they’re in a much more accessible location, and also have the added benefit of the rest of the Ace Hardware customer base mixed in with their current clientele.