Harlem Ambassadors’ Ajay Rutledge slams the ball against the Lion Tamers, a team comprised of area players, Tuesday at Menominee High School. <br>EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
Harlem Ambassadors’ Ajay Rutledge slams the ball against the Lion Tamers, a team comprised of area players, Tuesday at Menominee High School.
EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
MENOMINEE - It was a night of laughter, cheers and ahhhs of wonder Tuesday as the Harlem Ambassadors brought their hardcourt hijinks to the Menominee High School gym.

Lade Majic kept the large crowd in stitches with her antics while Jonathan Hart rattled the Maroon rims with a flurry of spectacular slam dunks.

Prior to the game, "Satch" Englund, who coached the Menominee Lion Tamers along with Bob Krysiak, let it be known that he was taking the game seriously.

"I don't care if you are the mayor, you're not starting," he told Menominee Mayor Jean Stegeman.

Her honor showed off her smooth shooting touch by sinking a couple of set-up shots instead of set shots.

The fun started early after the Ambassadors blew out to a 10-0 lead and Krysiak and Englund furiously tried to make changes to their pre-game strategy.

When Drew Buyarski's 3-point try just missed the iron, the announcer made sure everyone in the gym knew about the air-ball.

"Was that an air ball? There's no air balls allowed in a Harlem Ambassadors Game."

Lade Majic led Buyarski to the opposite free-throw circle and had him pump out six push-ups while she celebrated with a hip-shaking dance around him.

Menominee athletic trainer Derek Butler was Lade Majic's next target as she took down the "Minnesota Marvel" with her Kung Fu move.

Lade Majic scurried into the crowd after being whistled for the foul, telling referee Dave Herold, "I was here all the time. Don't you see how I blend in? I'm here with my family. This is my father. Don't you see the family resemblance?"

The Ambassadors formed a circle with a group of children, who were their honorary Ambassadors, and Lade Majic used her snazzy ballhandling skills while playing catch with the youngsters. She passed the ball with her butt and zipped off no-look passes and behind the back passes to the circle of children until only one little girl was left standing.

Chris Meunier pumped in the first basket for the Lion Tamers on an assist from Jim Hofer with 5:28 left in the first quarter and Brian Bell showed off the local talent when he buried a 3-pointer.

The Ambassadors, thanks in part to a clock that magically stopped whenever they missed a slam-dunk at the end of a 20-second countdown, had a 51-13 lead at halftime, but the score was long forgotten. The memories of a fun night will last a lifetime.

The Menominee Lions Club held the event with proceeds going toward restoration of the Menominee lighthouse and establishing a scholarship at Menominee High School.

Country Inn & Suites, Waupaca Foundry, Nicolet National Bank, K&K Integrated Logistics, Marinette Marine, Northern Coating and Chemical Co., Stephenson National Bank and Printers Plus sponsored the game.