Woman sentenced to prison for drugs
MARINETTE — An Iron Mountain, Mich., woman was sentenced to two years initial confinement Thursday in Marinette County Circuit Court Branch 1 for possession with the intent to sell heroin as a party to a crime.
Jenell C. Graves, 23, was also sentenced to four years extended supervision. She must pay a fine of $250; maintain absolute sobriety to include no possession or consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, intoxication substances or any other controlled substances; cannot possess or consume any prescription drugs without a script; cannot have contact with known drug users, drug sellers, or places know where drugs can be obtained illegally and she must not enter an establishment whose primary purpose is the sale of alcohol.
Charges dismissed, but read in include possession of drug paraphernalia as a party to a crime and possession with intent to sell as a party to a crime.
On Oct. 6, Graves and two others were pulled over and officers found syringes, cotton balls, alcohol pads and a baggie filled with white powder. After a field test was conducted, the white substance was heroin.
Former resident featured in magazine
MARINETTE — A story written by former Marinette resident Michael Leannah is featured in the current (March 2017) issue of Ladybug magazine. The story, “Two for One,” is accompanied in the magazine by a song of the same name, also penned by Leannah.
Leannah, a retired teacher, is the author of “Something for Everyone: Memories of Lauerman Brothers Department Store,” published in 2013 by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press.
Ladybug is a part of the Cricket magazine group, a Chicago publisher of children’s magazines, established in 1973.
Michael Leannah now lives in Sheboygan.
Gallagher introduces term limits bill
WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) introduced a bill to impose term limits on members of Congress. This is the first of several reforms that Gallagher pledged to make in his first 100 days in Congress.
“I’m holding true to my commitment to bring some Wisconsin common sense to Washington and change the way business gets done,” he said. “Congress should not be a career; rather, individuals should serve for a time, doing everything they can to work together to fix problems before returning home to civilian life.”
This joint resolution strictly applies to members who took office after the conclusion of the 114th Congress, and grandfathers in members who began their service prior to that time.
Crossing guard caption corrected
MARINETTE — The crossing guard was incorrectly named in the photograph, “Early Release,” on A1 of Wednesday’s EagleHerald. The crossing guard’s name is Barb Albert, not Ewald, as was published.