NADEAU — A string of breaking and entering reports, along with multiple thefts, have been reported in Nadeau Township recently.

Earlier in September, there had been multiple calls from Nadeau Township on breaking and enterings at homes and business, according to a Menominee County Sheriff’s report.

While deputies were investigating a breaking and entering complaint on Sept. 6, it was found that two more incidents had occurred in Nadeau Township, according to the report. Both of the victims were contacted and both stated they had numerous items stolen from their residence in the last couple of months.

It was also reported that another deputy was dispatched to a residence in Nadeau Township on Sept. 15 for a breaking and entering. The caller stated she has been having things go missing for the last couple of months and recently noticed more and wanted to report it.

Menominee County Sheriff Kenny Marks said some of the breaking and enterings have been related to the same person and some have not. One person has been arrested in conjunction with one of the breaking and enterings in Nadeau, but they are not releasing the name.

“There’s a rash of them in the area,” Marks said. “It’s under investigation, but we do have a suspect. It’s not like we’re in the dark.”

Despite, the case still being under investigation, Marks and Jeff Brunelle, lieutenant detective for the sheriff’s department, suspect a certain individual of committing the crimes.

Marks said that money and change jars in homes have gone missing among other items.

“The individual seems to be mostly looking for cash and change,” Marks said. “If they take it to banks and cash it in, it automatically alerts us. We’re paying attention to pawn shops and banks looking for any trends that look suspicious.”

Brunelle added that it isn’t just one single thing being stolen, but a variety of items in homes, garages and business including weed trimmers, chainsaws, or other equipment.

“They’re looking for stuff they can sell,” Marks said.

Despite the number of reports, the thefts have for the moment tapered off, Marks said,

“It’s quieted down in the last week because we’re putting pressure on the individual,” Marks said. “The breaking and enterings have stopped temporarily.”