MARINETTE — The Marinette Police Department warned citizens Tuesday about a recent scam that has been occurring in the area.
On Tuesday, the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of a phone scam that happened in their jurisdiction. The number that appeared on the called ID was “City of Marinette 715-732-5200,” which is the phone number for the Marinette Police Department.
In this particular scam, the caller may be posing as an officer from a local law enforcement agency. The victim may be advised that they are behind on tax payments and will be asked to purchase iTunes, STEAM or other prepaid types of credit cards. In other, similar scams the individual has claimed to be an IRS agent and has threatened victims that if they did not pay money over the phone, then warrants would be issued for their arrest.
If anyone receives a call like this, law enforcement officials advise disconnecting the call immediately. If anyone has doubts about the validity of calls like this, contact a local law enforcement agency.
Further information about the scam can be found on the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.