Forestry and Parks Committee. Thursday, 9 a.m., Forestry and Parks office in Peshtigo. Consider request from Wild Rivers Forestry for wood storage on timber sales contract, updated wood storage contract amendment, consider timber sale bids and award contract, and allow ATV and snowmobile clubs to use materials from county-owned pits for trail repairs on county-owned land. Reports on logging access permits and forestry and parks revenues and activities.
Personnel and Veterans Service Committee. Thursday, 9:30 a.m., jury assembly room in courthouse annex. Consider recommending county board approve the elimination of a child support financial specialist position when the position becomes vacant and create an additional child support specialist. Discuss reports of annual performance reviews. Consider recommending county board approve entering into agreement with the City of Marinette for the county to provide humans resources support services. Consider employee recognition program. Report by human resources director.
Goal Action Planning Committee. Thursday, 11 a.m., district office small conference room. Determine the 2017-18 school board goal/action plan.