¦ Finance Committee. Monday, 5 p.m., small conference room. TAP grant. Property and casualty insurance renewal.


¦ Harbor and Industrial Commission. Monday, noon, municipal complex committee room. Annual report from the Marina Management Group. 2018 projects and budget.

¦ Cemetery Board of Trustees. Tuesday, 11 a.m., council chambers, city hall. Accept a quote for restoration of chapel walls. November bills.

¦ Public Safety/Public Works Committee. Tuesday, 6 p.m., city hall. Followup on MDEQ 2017 Water System Sanitary Survey. MDNR cooperative mutual aide fire control agreement. Blighted property 705 6th St. Discussion of Back Forty Mine project.

¦ Water and Wastewater Utility Board. Thursday, 4 p.m., city hall. SAW grant request for reimbursement of funds. November bills.