¦ James A. Petrie, 33, Ashwaubenon, Wis., $924.50, eight months license revoked and eight months ignition interlock device, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated.

¦ Sally A. M. Womack, 26, Athelstane, $843, seven months license revoked, alcohol assessment, driving with a restricted controlled substance.

¦ Cody L. Rudow, 22, 708 9th Ave., Menominee, $614.10, failure to register vehicle, display false vehicle registration plate and speeding.

¦ $501.80 each for two counts of speeding: Roy J. Amatore, 58, Rolling Meadows, Ill., and and Anna L. Bolton, 30, Oconto.

¦ $401 each: Ruben F. Hernandez, 26, Crivitz, speeding and driving a vehicle without insurance; Gregory D. Renfro, 56, Porterfield, two counts of driving while license revoked; Omar H. Rios, 26, Pound, driving a vehicle without insurance and driving without a valid license; Heather N. Roach, 28, Wausaukee, driving a vehicle without insurance and speeding; Thomas E. Teel, 31, Green Bay, driving a vehicle without insurance and driving while license suspended, and Jeremiah D. Vickery, 38, Pulaski, Wis., two counts of driving without a valid license.  

¦ Brian A. Jerroll, 22, Crivitz, $389.50, driving while license revoked — fourth offense.

¦ $375.80 each: Nicholas A. Ranallo, 22, Crivitz, failure to stop at stop sign and driving a vehicle without insurance, and Steven G. Strojny, 20, Oconto, failure to yield to the right of way and driving a vehicle without insurance. 

¦ Olivia J. Abts, 18, Crystal Falls, Mich., $326.50, passing on a hill or curve.

¦ Anthony V. Prohaska, 18, 2708 Hall Ave., Marinette, $263.50, minor transporting intoxicants.

¦ Speeding: Chantel L. Wilmot, 20, Green Bay, and Christian A. F. Jimenez, 24, 1429 Shore Drive, Marinette, $225.70 each;  Marcus R. Becker, 37, Atlantic Mine, Mich., and Jacob A. Dupont, 21, Little Chute, Wis., $200.50 each.

¦ $213.10 each: Luke D. Oberdorfer, 28, Norway, Mich., passing in a no passing zone, and Jerod A. Schuch, 38, Kingsford, Mich., failure to keep vehicle under control.   

¦ $200.50 each: Robyn L. Cayemberg, 43, 2832 Minnesota St., Marinette, and Robyn L. Cayemberg, 43, 2832 Minnesota St., Marinette, both following too closely with a vehicle; Ricardo Camacho, 20, Crivitz; Peiyuan Li, 24, New York, and Patrick D. Romagnoli, 37, Iron Mountain, Mich., all for driving without a valid license. driving without a valid license; Ben E. Netupski, 39, Athelstane, failure to report accident, and 

¦ Ashley M. Miller, 33, Goodman, $187.90, inattentive driving.   

¦ $175.30 each: Peter J. Andre, 72, Forestville, Wis., passing into oncoming traffic; James O. Kranz, 25, Peshtigo; Jordan J. Bonifas, 30, Pulaski, Wis.; David E. Jashinsky, 67, Coleman, and Justin W. Smothers, 42, Bourbonnais, Ill., failure to register vehicle;  Travis R. Provo, 26, 1812 Sherman St., Marinette, failure to yield to the right of way.

¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Debra M. Constantini, 64, Iron Mountain, Mich.; Anthony J. Dunne, 51, Pembine; Karen K. Dura, 63, 715 46th Ave., Menominee; Brian R. Falbo, 45, Lake Mills, Wis.; Adam J. Finkler, 34, Crivitz; Michael B. Guffy, 66, Carterville, Ill.; Juan A. Gutierrez-Garcia, 50, Waukegan, Ill.; Levi P. J. Hayes, 19, Quinnesec, Mich.; Megan C. Houle, 32, Wausaukee; Debra A. Lorenzoni, 58, Norway, Mich.; Daniel R. Patch, 43, Beach Park, Ill.; Kyle S. Robertson, 19, Crivitz; Cory M. Schwenke, 27, Pound; Seth A. Smith, 17, 2013 11th Ave., Menominee and Bradley J. Sutek, 37, N4483 Schacht Road, Marinette; Robert A. Tappy, 53, Niagara.    

¦ Turner T. Gross, 33, Coleman, $150.10, failure to display vehicle license plate.