¦ Katlynn A. Boulanger, 27, Porterfield, $1,050, nine months license revoked and nine months ignition interlock device, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated.

¦ $937.50 each, nine months license revoked and nine months ignition interlock device, alcohol assessment , driving while intoxicated: Todd T. Berg, 55, Wausaukee, and Thomas L. Borkovetz, 66, Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

¦ Heath L. Hoepner, Appleton, Wis., $664.40, failure to register vehicle, driving a motorcycle without a valid license and driving a motorcycle without insurance.

¦ Michael J. Golueke, 54, 2634 Gilbert St., Marinette, $602.60, failure to notify police of accident and failure to keep vehicle under control. 

¦ $576.30 each: Brett A. Bedora, 25, Pound, failure to register vehicle, driving with a suspended license and driving a vehicle without insurance; Kyle J. Chemla, 21, Peshtigo, speeding, driving with a suspended license and driving a vehicle without insurance, and Candice L. Francart, 34, Porterfield, failure to register vehicle, driving with a suspended license and driving vehicle without insurance.

¦ Christina A. Guster, 42, La Fontaine, Ind., $501.80, two counts of speeding. 

¦ Brandon D. Bangert, 25, Green Bay, $439.50, display unauthorized registration plate and driving without valid license.

¦ Brian A. Jerroll, 22, Crivitz, $389.50, driving with revoked license.

¦ David M. Baker, 40, Kingsford, Mich., $326.50, passing into oncoming traffic. 

¦ Speeding: Brandi L. Highlund, 20, Green Bay; Anthony J. Dunne, 51, Pembine, and Rafael E. Castellar Cruz, 20, 1010 1/2 Elizabeth Ave., Marinette, $295 each; Gina Gerding, 17, Hampton, Fla., $250.80; Aleksander S. Bohnak, 32, Sacramento, Calif., and Nicole L. Hamann, 35, Suring, $225.70 each, and Yvette S. Ascher, 51, 1919 Riverside Ave., Marinette, $200.50.

¦ Heath L. Hoepner, 45, Appleton, Wis., $263.50, failure to register vehicle.

¦ $200.50 each: Scott A. Durbin, 55, Green Bay, driving with a suspended license, and Trever E. Godfrey, 19, 515 Carney Blvd., Marinette, driving vehicle without insurance.  

¦ Anton D. Brix, 22, Wausaukee, $187.90, inattentive driving. 

¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Payten R. Andersen, 17, 626 Terrace Ave., Marinette; Eric L. Dorner, 41, Green Bay; Erik A. Folske, 37, Oshkosh, Wis.; Damon M. Grace, 22, East Lansing, Mich.; Abbie J. Jewett, 28, Wausaukee; Eric M. Johnson, 37, 1339 Oakes St., Marinette, and Todd J. Kelly, 17, Pembine. 


¦ Melissa R. Zeigler, 33, Green Bay, $1,310, 24 days jail,  probation for 12 months, complete the following rehabilitative services: continued counsel at an approved agency, follow recommendations of the agency, sign a release form, treatment outpatient, submit to a PBT testing on demand of the court or law enforcement officer, shall not possess or consume alcohol nor enter an establishment where sold for consumption on the premises by the glass, not possess or use any controlled substance, report to court’s probation officer, driving while intoxicated.

¦ Ryan J. Salewsky, 31, 1117 17th Ave. Menominee, $700, 30 days jail on 10 weekends, unsupervised probation for four months, driving with a suspended license. 

¦ Melissa R. Metzger, 33, Powers, $585, 45 days jail on 15 weekends, unsupervised probation for six months, not to enter Dollar General for six months, retail fraud-third degree. 

¦ Kelly M. Costello, 59, $250, 258 days jail, attempt to resist and obstruct officer and domestic violence-second offense. 

¦ Brian M. Peters, 32, 4037 10th St. Apartment 2 Menominee, $125, seven days jail, license suspended 60 days with 305 days restrictions, use of marijuana. 

¦ Joshua J. Flath, 23, Green Bay, $825, license suspended 30 days with 150 days restrictions, possession of marijuana. 


¦ Michael Plautz, 25, N1512 SI Lane Menominee, $910, excess bait, leave blind prohibited, unlabeled blind. 

¦ Danny H. Fish Jr., 50, Yorkville Ill, $340, transport uncased firearm.

¦ Gary J. Smith, 67, N3068 M35 Menominee, $260, unlabeled blind. 

¦ $250 each, no driver’s license: Patrick J. Banks, 34, 1513 22nd Ave. Menominee; Michael L. Charlier, 41, Carney, and Corey V. Howard, 26, Des Plaines Ill.

¦ $140 each: Katie M. Pollard, 31, Vulcan Mich., $140, improper passing; Brian A. Roshak, 61, Perronville Mich., left of center, and Tabitha M. Stockman, 28, Stephenson, disobey traffic signal. 

 ¦ Speeding: Angela F. Marrone, 50, Kenosha Wis., $130; Corey V. Howard, 26, Des Plaines Ill.; Stacy A. Steber, 38, Iron Mountain Mich.; Megan E. Langmeyer, 23, Wixom Mich.; Jeffery A. Menard, 55, Hermansville, and William C. Losch, 58, Wadsworth Ill., $120 each.