¦ Amanda L. Tessier, 36, Stephenson, $450, 40 days jail, three years probation, three years prison and three years extended supervision stayed, must complete 25 hours of community service per year while on probation, no contact with victim or Sun Valley Homes without agent approval, theft of movable property — special facts.
¦ Scott E. Wozniak, 27, 111 5th Ave., Apartment 15, Menominee, $316, three years probation, 90 days jail, 18 months prison and 18 months extended supervision stayed, must maintain full-time employment, must maintain absolute sobriety to include no possession or consumption of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs without a valid prescription and as approved by agent, counseling assessments and follow through as recommended by agent, must find a different doctor/addiction counselor, must attend one meeting per month with addiction counselor and provide proof to agent, submit to random drug testing, may serve jail in Delta County if enrolled in Delta County Drug Court, possession of methamphetamine.
¦ Abdil N. Ahmed, 27, Appleton, Wis., $248.50, three years probation, 18 months prison and two years extended supervision stayed, must maintain absolute sobriety to include no possession or consumption of alcohol or controlled substances without a valid prescription and taken only as prescribed and approved by agent, cannot enter or have the presence in any establishment whose primary purpose is the sale of alcohol, possession of narcotic drugs.

¦ Jordan A. Beaudoin, 26, 4207 7th St. Menominee, $1,030, probation for six months, complete the following rehabilitative services: Alcohol Highway Safety Education, report to court’s probation officer on Jan. 4, 2018, driving while impaired by a controlled substance.
¦ Jacob C. Buote, 19, 814 4th St. Menominee, $350, license suspended 30 days with restrictions for 150 days, use of marijuana. 
¦ Kevin J. Sieman, 53, N 2090 Range Line M-1 Drive, Menominee, $490 total, improper use of dealer registration and allowed person to drive in violation.
¦ Souysane I. Sithamat, 28, Wilson, $170, no valid driver’s license.
¦ Charles R. Scholtz, 36, 1403 25th Ave. Menominee, $125, not to enter Jack’s of Menominee or Marinette for six months, retail fraud-second degree.
¦ Donald L. Phelps, 78, 1108 17th Ave. Menominee, $125, 88 days jail, driving with a suspended license.