¦ Eric M. Crawford, 46, Greenville, Mich., $937.50, seven months license revoked, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated.
¦ Joseph D. Barr, 45, Niagara, $853.50, driving a vehicle without insurance, hit and run — property adjacent to highway and failure to notify police of accident.
¦ Andrew L. Dahlberg, 21, Daggett, $843, seven months license revoked, alcohol assessment, driving with a restricted controlled substance.
¦ Brian J. Ermis, 44, Pound, $301, failure to register vehicle and failure to use mirrors.
¦ Donna L. Bubb, 52, Pembine, $238.20, display unauthorized registration plate.
¦ Speeding: Christina M. Davis, 34, Goodman, $225.70; Elijah W. Bayer, 18, Peshtigo, and Andrea M. Boknevitz, 52, Amberg, $200.50 each. 
¦ $200.50 each: Andrew J.D. Alger, 18, 1601 13th Ave., Menominee, driving with a probationary license during the hours of midnight and 5 a.m.; Angela M. Bates, 40, Green Bay, driving with a suspended license; Shane M. Gignac, 29, 636 Main St., Marinette, driving while license revoked; Jessica L. Gilbert, 22, Sturgeon Bay, Wis., permit unauthorized person to drive, and Tracy L. Hiner, 39, Niagara, driving without a valid license.
¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Anna L. Arens, 18, Atlantic Mine, Mich.; Brett L. Chapman, 48, Niagara; Melvin J. Erlandson, 71, Stephenson; Porter D. Gabrielse, 19, Oostburg, Wis.; Paige A. Grenier, 18, New Lenox, Ill., and Chad T. Held, 24, Sturtevant, Wis.   
¦ $175.30 each: Robert A. Bertram, 58, Wauwatosa, Wis., failure to yield to the right of way, and Zachery J. Groth, 17, Green Bay, driving a vehicle without an adequate muffler.
¦ Ryan P. Herzog, 34, Green Bay, $138.76, vent/side window excessive tinting.