¦ Trenten Smith, 20, Carney, $976, 11 months jail, register as a sex offender and submit to HIV/STD testing, accosting children for immoral purposes and larceny. 


¦ Jason C. Klaver, 29, 104 6th Ave. Menominee, $1515, 148 days jail, probation for 18 months, complete the following rehabilitative services: AODA/ADAPT, follow recommendations of the agency, sign a release form, treatment outpatient, submit to a PBT testing on demand of the court or law enforcement officer, shall not possess or consume alcohol nor enter an establishment where sold for consumption on the premises by the glass, not possess or use any controlled substance, report to court’s probation officer upon release, driving while intoxicated-second offense.

¦ Jacob T. Gamelin, 26, 8161/2 5th St. Menominee, $525, 18 days jail, attempting to resist and obstruct officer. 

¦ Stephen P. Cronick, 58, Spalding, $250, drove with an invalid license.


¦ Richard D. Dollhopf Jr., 49, 3920 Hall Ave., No. 21, Marinette, $900, expired registration, defective equipment ands no proof of registration. 

¦ Mathew H. Ross, 23, Stephenson, $340, uncased shotgun in motor vehicle. 

¦ Brandon J. Broberg, 35, Oconto, $312, failure to yield from private drive. 

¦ Zbigniew Kuczmar, 66, Mississauga Ontario, $300, failure to stop at weigh station. 

¦ Austin J. Boucher, 16, Stephenson, $165, careless driving. 

¦ Expired registration, $150: James J. Sylvester, 49, Coleman; Steven D. Smith, 31, N2541 Krause Road, Marinette, and Audra R. Williams, 47, 2605 1/2 Hall Ave. Marinette.

¦ Matthew M. Howard, 27, Appleton Wis., $140, disregard stop light. 

¦ Speeding: Rebecca A. Wood, 59, Green Bay, $155; Estefania Cisneros, 19, Mundelein Ill.; Paul J. LaFave, 17, Powers, and Kelly Brandenburger, 36, Denver Colo., $130 each; Justin H. Grayham, 44, Warren Ohio; Bradley J. Rich, 37, Peshtigo; Linda C. Miller, 64, Roseville, Ill.; Nicole J. Muraswki, 26, Minneapolis, and Anna Cokat, 34, Bridgeview, Ill., $120 each.