Ann L. Jensen, 52, Bailey, Colo., $843, seven months license revoked, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated.
Steven G. Strojny, 20, Oconto, $803.10 total, driving with a suspended license, failure to keep vehicle under control and failure to notify police of accident.
Brandon L. Heimke, 21, Lena, $653 total, hit and run adjacent to high way and failure to notify police of accident.
$375.80 each: James P. Ryan, 30, Allouez, Wis., speeding and failure to register vehicle and Amanda J. Anthony, 31, 1830 Liberty St., Marinette, speeding and driving without a valid license.
Gregory S. Demars, 51, Green Bay, $326.50, passing into oncoming traffic.
Speeding: Casey D. Rysewyk, 25, Coleman, $358; Tiffany M. Demello, 25, Portland, Ore., $295; Sandra L. Rosik, 64, Crivitz, $225.70; Cory J. Van Hoosen, 45, Crivitz, $225.70; Falicity F. Hanson, 16, Peshtigo, $22570 and Jerod T. Ward, 17, West Allis, Wis., $225.70. 
Cynthia M. Mollus, 47, Peshtigo, $213.10, failure to keep vehicle under control.
$200.50 each: Terry J. Smejkal, 37, 320 Carney Boulevard, Marinette, driving with revoked license; Max C. Sullivan, 19, Florence, Wis., following too closely with a vehicle; Douglas R. Wagner, 33, Paltine, Ill., possession of open intoxicants in a vehicle — passenger; Jada J. Behnke, 18, Green Bay, possession of open intoxicants in a vehicle — passenger; Jason L. Coronado, 42, Green Bay, driving a motorcycle without a valid license and Michael T. Dudkiewicz, 36, Crivitz, driving without a valid license.   
Avery M. Martin, 16, Crivitz, $187.90, inattentive driving.
$175.30 each, speeding: Stephanie A. Lonzo, 26, 2049 Maple Ave., Marinette; Zachary S. Lorenz, 29, Peshtigo; Stephen O. Marquis, 68, Amberg; Quintan S. Patzke, 17, Amberg; Tanya M. Prevost, 18, 2613 Parkridge Ave., Marinette; Kjirsten M. Stumbris, 16, Crivitz; Alexander J. Vandenurzen, 24, Oconto; Cody J. Wilkerson, 30, Joliet, Ill.; Kaelyn R. Wojcik, 25, Wausaukee; Jerome J. Albrecht, 62, Peshtigo; Cassandra C. Bobart, 23, Iron Mountain, Mich.; Andrew W. Caudill, 24, Crivitz; Colleen M. Delgadillo, 56, Green Bay; Rorick K. Duncan, 60, Athelstane; Colton G. Flak, 22, Lombard, Ill.; Robert A. Garcia, 35, Coleman; Christina M. Hermsen, 42, Green Bay; Andrew Holder, 37, 1123 Elizabeth St., Marinette; Brandon S. Hood, 33, Norway, Mich. and Benjamin M. Howard, 66, Repubic, Mich.   
$175.30 each: June A. Schaut, 82, Peshtigo, failure to yield to the right of way; Terrence R. Schultz, 50, Menomonee Falls, Wis., driving a vehicle without insurance; Brenda L. Wallgren, 40, Crivitz, failure to register vehicle; Arthur A. Albright, 57, Porterfield, failure to yield to the right of way; Sheryl L. Biernasz, 59, Wausaukee, failure to register vehicle; Sarek J. Boivin, 19, N5837 Hwy 180, Marinette, failure to register vehicle and Craig S. Hescher, 70, Wausaukee, failure to register vehicle.
Circle R. Mink Ranch, Green Bay, $138.76, non-registration of other vehicle.