¦ Destiny A. Aker, 23, Green Bay, $1,300.70 total, seven months license revoked, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated, driving without required lamps lighted, and driving without a valid license.

¦ Arthur J. Anderson, 50, Crandon, $37.80 total, driving without a valid license and speeding.

¦ Michael J. Galletto, 62, Amberg, $232, unsafe cutting in when passing.

¦ Joseph F. Earley, 17, Oconto, $225.70, speeding.

¦ Loretta J. Haapapuro, 77, Peshtigo, $213.10, driving left of center.

¦ $200.50 each: Israel C. Carillo, 46, Milwaukee, driving without a valid license; Franklin D. Cassel, 46, Beaver Dam, Wis., driving a vehicle without insurance; William R. Chambers, 26, Green Bay, driving while license revoked; Zebulun A. Fountain, 18, Oconto, driving while license suspended; Colon E. Gomez, 33, League City, Texas, driving without a valid license; April M. Heintz, 39, La Crosse, Wis., driving while license suspended and Aaron M. Kamin, 42, 3012 14th St., Menominee, driving without a valid license.

¦ $175.30 each, speeding: Zachary J. Bauer, 23, 816 Madison Ave., Marinette; Christopher R. Cadeau, 34, Peshtigo; Nicholas R. Carncross, 23, Green Bay; Seth A. Coll, 47, Oshkosh, Wis.; Scott J. Grambihler, 39, Green Bay; Joshua G. Brulkowski, 38, Pound; James A. Jacob, 50, Crivitz; Christopher C. La Rosa, 49, Crivitz and Jordan R. Labean, 24, Standish, Mich.

¦ Tyler E. Emmes, 41, Peshtigo, $175.30, failure to register vehicle.

¦ Cameron G. W. Eisner, 28, Porterfield, $138.76, driving with a suspended license.


¦ Nicholas R. Phillips, 27, Stephenson, $885, defendant shall be placed on probation for 12 months, complete the following rehabilitative services: per probation officer, follow recommendations of the agency, sign a release form, treatment, submit to a PBT testing on demand of the court or law enforcement officer, shall not possess or consume alcohol nor enter an establishment where sold for consumption on the premises by the glass, not possess or use any controlled substance, no contact with victim, report to court’s probation officer on Oct. 19, stalking.

¦ Baylin L. Boivin, 18, 3701 16th St. Menominee, $705, defendant shall be placed on probation for 6 months, report to probation officer on Nov. 2, aid and abet larceny less than $200.


¦ Speeding: Crystal M. Johnson, 20, 2430 Mary St. #88 Marinette, 130; Timothy J. Chevalier, 36, Oakland Calif, $120; Thomas J. Bero, 54, 826 Parnell St. Marinette, $120; Hal. L. Burton, 39, Bark River Mich., $120; and Ray D. Anderson, 52, Norway Mich., $120.