Garett H. Seidl, 49, Brookfield, Wis., $3,035, six months jail, three years probation, 36 months DOT license revoked and ignition interlock, huber release, absolute sobriety, OWI (fourth in five years). Two years initial confinement and three years extended supervision was stayed. Dismissed was one count of operating while revoked (due to alcohol/controlled substance refusal).
Richard M. Mullins, 60, N2201 Schacht Road, Marinette, $1,106.50 total, seven months license revoked and seven months ignition interlock device, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated and possession of open intoxicants — driver.
Menomnognet L. Rowe, 21, Green Bay, Wis., $696 total, speeding, driving a vehicle without insurance and driving while license suspended.
Guadalupe A. Morales Velazquez, 30, Pound, $601.50 total, open intoxicants — passenger, speeding and driving without a valid license.
Leroy C. Noack, 25, Wausaukee, $464 total, driving while license revoked and driving a vehicle without insurance.
Mariah N. Powell, 16, N4319 Schacht Road, Marinette, $375.80 total, speeding and probationary licensee vehicle driving hours.
Gina E. Maki, 20, Green Bay, Wis., $276.10, speeding.
Speeding, $225.70 each. Katie A. Nesberg, 30, Peshtigo and Walter J. Ramos Rivera, 23, Pound.
Vicky L. Oldham, 57, Pound, $213.10, failure to keep vehicle under control.
Tara K. Rasmussen, 34, Pound, $200.50, permit unauthorized minor to drive.
Brittany M. Peterson, 27, 3920 Hall Ave. Lot 12, Marinette, $200.50, driving without insurance.
Todd A. Neumann, 51, Dunbar, $200.50, driving without a valid license.
Driving while license suspended, $200.50 each. Cyle J. Mech, 21, W2640 County Road B, Marinette and Lori E. Sharp, 44, Green Bay.
Possession of open intoxicants — passenger, $200.50 each. William J. Robinson, 57, Pembine and Gerod O. Schroeder, 29, Wausaukee.
Angela R. Adams, 42, Pembine, $200.50, operating while suspended.
Natalie C. Markelz, 27, Green Bay, Wis., $175.30, failure to stop at stop sign.
Failure to register vehicle, $175.30 each. Hanna B. Mcmahon, 17, 1901 Lincoln St., Marinette;
Speeding, $175.30 each. Fredrick L. Naumann, 42, Green Bay, Wis.; Jenny L. Netupski, 40, Wausaukee; Penny L. Nickel, 27, Wausaukee; Amanda L. Ostruske, 36, Waupun, Wis.; Michael B. Pepper, 52, 1333 Merry St., Marinette; Victor T. Petric, 27, Ottawa; Justin R.A. Poenitsch, 36, Richfield, Wis.; Alexis L. Powell, 19, 1631 Logan Ave., Marinette; Leigh J. Rupert, 69, 1349 Prescott St., Marinette and Jason L. Sandberg, 25, Oconto.
Daniel Sharlow, 56, Amberg, Wis., $138.76, failure to yield while making a left turn.
Ryan K. Raret, 25, W1079 County Road BB, Marinette, $312, disregard stop sign.
$140 each: Jody L. Dionee, 49, 810 6th St., Menominee, Steven J. Erdman Jr., 39, 3917 14th St., Menominee, no proof of insurance; Joseph L. Reynolds, 27, Hillsdale, Mich., speeding.