Bay Cities Insurance 9, Peshtigo Blue Crew 8
Ellie Wahl went 3 for 3 at the plate, and she scored twice for Bay Cities. Kyra Michel and Mariah Strohl each scored once.
Wahl, Brooke Boyce and Taylor Bebo pitched for Bay Cities.
Bay Cities Insurance 23, Elks Club 11
Megan Suhs went 4 for 5 to power Bay Cities. Hannah Bearson and Ciara Grawey each were 3 for 4, and Mac Bebo homered. Wahl pitched the win.
McDonald’s 4, Peshtigo Dreamsicles 3
Wynn Erdman had three hits for McDonald’s. Marisa Camps and Hana Baumler each added two hits, Destiny Walker scored three times and Makenzie Dezelan scored once.
For the Dreamsicles, Akira Small and Alison Peters each had three hits and McKenzie Fairchild had one hit.
McDonald’s 2, Schloegel’s 0
Aaliyah Wenzel and Walker had three hits apiece for McDonald’s. Mackenzie Hebert added two hits. Baumler and Erdman each scored.
For Schloegel’s, Andrea LeBoeuf had two hits. Jada Johnson and Maddy Barker had one hit apiece.