Carney Men’s League
Brett Beland popped in 23 points and Sam Larson connected for 20 points to lead Wildwood to a 98-89 win over Gladstone. Jacob Brock poured in 34 points for Gladstone and Erik Spindler added 24.
Juice Promotions 92,  Wangerin Logging 67: Jason Boucher pumped in 21 points and Mike Polfus added 19 for Juice. Jonte Wells led Wangerin with 21 points and Ron Beal had 16.
Poma Masonry 83, Carney 79: Travis Steinbrecher paced Poma with 25 points and Lane Lindeman added 21. Lucas Moreau led Carney with 28 points and Hunter Eichhorn added 21.
Ole Timers 84, Richer 68: Travis Depuydt and Kevin Strohl each fired in 27 points for Ole Timers. Jordan Young led Richer with 31 points and Matt Richer had 10 points.
Niagara Logistics 83, Bark River 49: Caleb Kleiman scored 24 points for Niagara and Wade Schetter added 17 points. Jordan Sodergren led Bark River with 26 points and Ryan Arndt added 10 points.
Granquist Dairy 115, Hannahville 74: Carson Wonders led Granquist with 29 points and Jason Whitens scored 26 points. Jordan Teeple  paced Hannahville with 20 points and Myron McCullough added 15.