Dear Editor,

Well here we are, just days before the city’s Logging & Heritage Festival. What a great event for all ages to enjoy. So many attractions to see, it’s hard to fit it all in. Sunday, though, is the big parade. It is my personal favorite and now it has become even better. You see, I am a volunteer in the Coalition to Save the Menominee River. This has pretty much been my life for the last year and a half. I’m sure by now, most of you know about the Back Forty project. If you have done even minimal research, you know that a metallic sulfide mine next to our beautiful river cannot be allowed to happen. We love our river just the way it is now. Whoa! Back to the parade.

I would like to ask or invite everyone of you watching to look for our float. We are one of the sponsors of the Logging & Heritage Festival and we will be in the parade. It’s easy to spot us. I will be leading our float. I am in a wheelchair and my beautiful daughter will be pushing me. I will be holding a small version of “Wally the Waterdrop,” who will be joining us. My grandson will be walking right behind me carrying one of the animals that need clean water to drink, too. When you see me, and if you are one of the thousands who want to stop the mine from destroying ours and generations to come, step in and join us. Feel free to step into our float area and be part of those who are working so hard to save our water. Show your support. Everyone is welcome.

This is such an important and critical issue in our lives. We all need and can’t live without clean water. Sunday, you can show your support. Jump in, walk the walk and talk the talk. Hope to see many walking with us. Remember, water is life. I will save your water, too.


Mary Hansen