Jorden M. Lycan, 33, of Marinette, passed away unexpectedly on March 14, 2017. Jorden was born on September 17, 1983, to Norma J. Currey. 
  Jorden moved to Wisconsin as a teenager. Jorden’s passions were baseball, softball, dancing, music, and being a jokester. Jorden loved putting smiles on everyone’s face. His happy place was sports. Through Jorden’s journey in life it was a painting of many experiences. During Jorden’s paintings of life and all of the curves and bends, Jorden left an impression and impact on everyone he knew.
  Jorden will be leaving behind loved ones, family, and many friends whom will never forget the time they were blessed with him here with them.
  Jorden is survived by his amazing mother, Norma J. Currey-Rose; four wonderful children: Brandon Brooks, his mother, Jenni, Kaya Bodam, her mother, Mary, Faith Cadieux, her mother Sara, and Skyeler; seven sisters: Austina “Auggie” Lycan, Trinity, Heather, Shannon, Jessica, Alisha and Tara; and many other people that became his family.
   Let’s take a moment to realize how precious life really is and how quickly it could be gone. Live life, don’t let life live you. Love unconditionally. Jorden you may be gone but never forgotten, love you always.
  Visitation will be held at Thielen Funeral Home on Tuesday, March 21st from 6 to 8 p.m. A time of Shared Memories will begin at 7:30 p.m.