Beatrice Janusz, passed away on Sunday, January 12, 2014 at the age of 96. She was born in Garden, Mich. on August 16, 1917. Her parents, Xavier Leroux and Rose Dufort Leroux, moved to Marinette, Wisconsin when Bea was three years old and her sister, Agnes was five. Beatrice lived there until age 87 when she moved to Fort Collins to be near her daughter.
Her family was French Canadian and spoke only French when arriving in Marinette. She enjoyed telling the story about a first grade teacher who asked what she had for breakfast; she replied "crepes" since she didn't know the English word for "pancakes". She attended St Joseph's School and graduated in 1936 from Marinette High School. In 1938 she married Andrew Janusz. She began sewing for her dolls at age six and turned sewing into a life-long occupation and hobby. She worked in a garment factory producing New York designs, later making clothes at home for herself and family members. She lived a quiet and happy life with care-giving, her family, and church being the most important. She and her husband loved to go dancing to live music. One of her favorite experiences was meeting the band-leader, Eddy Howard. She loved cats and had a cat companion, almost without interruption from early childhood until she moved to a nursing home in October of 2013.
Surviving are her children: Gerald (daughter-in-law, Sue) and Annette (son-in-law, Frank DeMeyer); five grandchildren: Gregory, Julie (Peter Boisvert), Carolyn (Joost Theuwissen), Lisa (Peter Vermiere), and Mark (Robyn Grotzky) DeMeyer; and seven great-grandchildren: Madeleine and Ann, Ely, Olivia, Jasmine, Evan and Lauren; and many nieces and nephews.
Beatrice is the last of her generation in the family. Her husband passed away in 1964 and her sister in 2011.
Burial will be in Marinette beside her husband.
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