EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard<br>
Dr. Andrew Congdon joins his father Dr. Kevin Congdon at his business Insight Vision Center. (Color reprints: www.ehextra.com)
EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
Dr. Andrew Congdon joins his father Dr. Kevin Congdon at his business Insight Vision Center. (Color reprints: www.ehextra.com)
MARINETTE — Andrew Congdon recently graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry and has settled into his desk at his father’s office, the Insight Vision Center on Cleveland Avenue in Marinette.
“I like working with my dad,” Andrew said. “He’s got the experience and I’ve got the young knowledge. It’s nice, too, because you can get a second opinion on the spot.”
He started as an optometrist at Insight Vision Center in May. His father, Kevin Congdon, has owned the practice for 25 years.
Looking back, Andrew said he knew from a very young age what he wanted from life, and it happened to be optometry, something his father was an expert at.
At age 16, Andrew worked at Insight Vision Center making lenses in the lab. At that point, he was already thinking about his future.
“I thought, ‘this is kind of cool why don‘t I look into this,’ and I went ahead and did it,” he said.
Four years of undergraduate school at UW-Stevens Point and another four years of graduate school at the Illinois College of Optometry — Kevin’s alma mater — brought Andrew in a full circle back to Insight Vision Center.
“Since I was in high school and as an undergrad I’ve known what I wanted to do, so it’s been kind of a mission for me,” he said. “Now that I’m here, it’s really cool.”
He said he enjoys working with his father and that it feels great to be back in his hometown.
“The cool thing about being here is I get to see my community again,” Andrew said. “It’s fun being back in Northern Wisconsin.”
Kevin said he and his son are still in the “honeymoon phase” of their working relationship.
“We’re still pretty new too because it has only been a couple of months but it has been pretty fun,” Kevin said. “He asks me questions about things and I’ll ask him questions about things.”
He said he has expanded the practice to accommodate some of the skills Andrew brings with him.
“He does more of the medical optometry — like glaucoma,” Kevin said. “There’s more we’re able to do now because of his training.”
He added he has even purchased new equipment to accommodate some of the medical optometry that Andrew specializes in.
Kevin said that above all, he is proud of his son and the work Andrew has put into his career.
“There is a hood the doctors get at graduation and I felt a lot of pride when I went to put that on him,” Kevin said.
People may find more information about Insight Vision Center at myinsightvision.com or by calling 715-732-2101.