Magician Adam Schacht, 18, Menominee, performs one of his many magic tricks on Friday. EagleHerald/Billy Betts
Magician Adam Schacht, 18, Menominee, performs one of his many magic tricks on Friday. EagleHerald/Billy Betts
MENOMINEE - Speaking on the behalf of most children and many adults, taking a trip to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Ill., can be an exciting vacation that is remembered for a long time.

For Adam Schacht, a trip to the exciting amusement park at age 13, not only brought him joy and laughter, but helped guide him to a new passion.

While at the park, Schacht watched a magic show - something that caught his attention and inspired him to give magic a try.

That Christmas, some relatives bought Schacht a few magic tricks. From that point on, fascination and determination took over in all facets of magic.

Schacht, now 18, does an array of magic shows, ranging from large audiences to private parties.

"Performing magic tricks is something I get great enjoyment out of," Schacht said.

Recently, he traveled to Wisconsin Dells to watch Rick Wilcox perform a magic show. It was the third time he has seen him, and according to Schacht, Wilcox has been his inspiration.

"I could watch his (Wilcox) shows every day. He does such a great job," Schacht said. "He usually has a full house when he performs and there's always something new."

Wilcox and his wife, Suzan, have operated the Rick Wilcox Theatre in the Dells since 1999.

Schacht's first time performing a magic show in front of a large audience came during his sophomore year at Menominee High School. It was during the school's "Maroons Got Talent" competition.

Schacht won first place in the competition and at the time, the shy sophomore morphed into someone unafraid of performing in the spotlight and excelling at what he did.

"I was very shy my first two years of high school, but after that competition, I really opened up," Schacht said.

He then got a job working for the Menominee Recreation Department and was asked to perform his show in the "Art in the Park" at Henes Park.

Schacht now performs there three times per year and the crowd grows each time he has an act.

The show usually lasts anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the audience. Schacht has also performed at Shakey Lakes, walking around to different campsites and giving them a show.

His show consists of anything from using a whiskey bottle and a shot glass for adults to coloring book tricks for young children.

One of Schacht's acts, which he learned from Wilcox, is called the "Metamorphosis." He uses an assistant for the act and it has been a big hit for him during his larger acts.

Schacht also credits YouTube and many other websites for ideas and help with his shows. He orders many of his tricks from the website:

On top of using an assistant for some tricks, Schacht has an act that uses a bunny and has began to incorporate different animals in his shows.

He's frequently asked if he can make a person disappear or saw someone in half, both ideas that he is working on developing.

"I have been looking into ideas of putting a person in a box and using six blades to cut them into seven pieces," said Schacht. "People love being involved in the show and I love giving them what they want."

Schacht said he can do several hundred different tricks and is thrilled when he learns a new trick.

Schacht gives large credit to his parents, Dave and Cindy Schacht, and his brother Brett for all the help they've given him throughout the years.

Schacht's goal is to continue doing magic as a side job and develop more tricks each year.

Always excited to perform, Schacht encourages anyone interested in him doing a private show to call 715-923-9911.

"I love getting kids into magic," Schacht said. "I feel performing magic builds confidence and creativity. I've gotten jobs because of my magic and met many great people. It's something I plan on doing the rest of my life."