STEPHENSON - A Stephenson family is mourning the loss of their family pets. Two male Bouviers - 8-month-old "Moose" and 2 1/2 -year-old "Boomer" - were found dead in a wooded area Wednesday with bullet holes through their chest.
Cheryl Kau said she last saw her dogs May 4.
"It was hot Saturday, they were playing in the water in the swamp behind our house, which they always do," she said. "We were working in the yard, we looked up and they were gone."
At first Kau thought the pair may have spotted a fox or rabbit and gave chase.
"All I know is that if they could have come home, they would," she said. "They're not runners."
Wasting no time Kau, her two teen-age sons and husband Todd sprung into action. Calls were placed to the Menominee Animal Shelter, U.P. Lost Paws and even the Menominee County Sheriff's Department.
"We put posters everywhere in Stephenson," she said. "Everybody in town knew. My sons and I put posters on every building in town. We even taped them to campers."
Two days later, the dogs were spotted by kayakers on Little Cedar River near County Road 358.
"They were sighted there Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Nobody told me until Tuesday morning at Gary's (IGA)," said Kau. "I left work, flew down there, searched everywhere and couldn't find them. Then, when I knew they were in that area, I put posters on every house and every business in Daggett."
More than a week passed before any more information came in - and it wasn't good. A woman at the post office called Cheryl to let her know that a man found her dogs about three miles from her home and that they were dead.
According to the report from the sheriff's department, the dogs were placed behind a row of spruce trees on the west side of Holmes Brook Road.
"We believe they were probably shot somewhere else and placed where they were found," said Sheriff Kenny Marks. "There are no suspects at this time. I think the main thing we need now is information if anybody has it."
Kau said she can't think of anyone her family doesn't get along with or that would want to kill their family pets.
"I don't even know how to describe it. I just burst into tears," she said. "It was horrible. It was sick, I felt sick, it was horrible knowing it was a human that hurt them."
If anyone has any information on the deaths of the dogs, contact the Menominee County Sheriff's Department.
- Menominee County Sheriff
- 906-863-4441