Marinette County Sheriff's Department personnel block off North 5th Road with media crews staking it out Tuesday just east of Pound following a shooting incident that left two people dead. <br>EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
Marinette County Sheriff's Department personnel block off North 5th Road with media crews staking it out Tuesday just east of Pound following a shooting incident that left two people dead.
EagleHerald/Rick Gebhard
MARINETTE - Two men are dead, three officers are on administrative leave and Marinette County law enforcement was searching for answers Tuesday to a bizarre shooting that occurred Monday evening in the Town of Pound.
Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve said Tuesday evening that autopsies have been performed on both a man in his late 20s, who was apparently shot by a man in his late 70s; and that elderly shooter, who was killed by Marinette County deputies after refusing to surrender his weapons.
The names of the two men will be released today, after families have been notified.
Sauve, who had been on the scene of the shooting all day Tuesday, said that dispatch received a call from the younger man around 10:09 p.m. Monday.
"He was at his uncle and aunt's cabin, which is not uncommon, and when he pulls up, he sees someone in a vehicle outside the cabin," Sauve said.
During the man's call to dispatch, he gave the fire number of the cabin off North 5th Road, and told dispatchers that the situation scared him.
"Then he said 'I think he has a gun,' and then there were inaudible sounds and smashing noises," Sauve said.
A second call came into dispatch moments later, from a family awakened by the sound of a vehicle crashing into their garage on property located next to the cabin on North 5th Road.
Sauve said that when deputies and Coleman Rescue Squad arrived at the scene, they pulled the young man out of the car and saw he had been shot.
"He must have lost control of the vehicle and went through a maple tree an apple tree and then hit the attached garage," Sauve said.
The man was taken by ambulance to Bay Area Medical Center, and transferred to a Green Bay hospital, where he later died.
Brown County Sheriff's Department was called to the area with its armored vehicle, and officers began a search of the area.
"When we saw he (the victim) had a gunshot, it upped the ante," Sauve said of the call to Brown County.
The man had given a description of a Maroon SUV in the driveway of his aunt and uncle's cabin, and Sauve said officers discovered a vehicle matching that description in a driveway near the family cabin.
"The Bearcat (Brown County's armored vehicle) lights up the SUV and there's an elderly man inside, armed with a long gun and a hand gun," Sauve said.
The man was told repeatedly to drop the weapons and surrender, but he refused.
"Then the officers in the Bearcat pinned the SUV against the garage so he couldn't drive off," Sauve said.
Deputies flanked the armored vehicle and approached the elderly man in the SUV, who still refused to surrender, even after receiving a dose of OC (pepper) spray, Sauve said.
"It had no effect," Sauve said of the spray. "He then leveled his shotgun upwards toward the officers and the three deputies all fired rounds."
The elderly man was killed by the gunfire. Sauve said none of the officers were injured.
All three deputies are on administrative leave, pending review of the shooting - a standard procedure, Sauve said.
"The Department of Justice is here, moving as swiftly as possible to review the case," Sauve said.
The DOJ Department of Criminal Investigation has a team that specializes in investigating officer-involved shootings, Sauve said.
They give their results to District Attorney Allen Brey, who makes a ruling on whether the death was justifiable.
Brey was called to the scene in Town of Pound Monday evening, and worked with law enforcement, who remained on the scene until after 7 p.m. Tuesday.
"I feel confident that our people acted appropriately," Sauve said.
"This is a tragedy. Two lives were lost. But at least we're not looking for someone still out there."
Assisting at the scene were: The Marinette Police Department, Wisconsin DOJ, Wisconsin State Crime Lab, Coleman Rescue, BAMC Paramedics, Coleman Fire and Marinette County Coroner George Smith.