PESHTIGO - Two new members of the City of Peshtigo's Common Council were sworn in at the reorganizational meeting Tuesday night. Brigitte Schmidt will serve as the first district alderperson and Debbie Sievert will serve as the third district alderperson.

Alderpersons Mary Lock and Fred Meintz were commended for their services to the city.

Michael Behnke was chosen as president of the council. The other committee appointments (with the first person listed serving as chairman) are:

Finance & Claims - Tom Gryzwa, Behnke and Sievert

Parks & Recreation - Cathi Malke, Behnke and Schmidt

Fire, Lighting & Building - Timothy Colburn, Malke and Gryzwa

Streets & Drainage - Sievert, Malke and Schmidt

License & Police - Behnke, Colburn and Sievert

Judiciary - Schmidt, Behnke and Gryzwa

Personnel - Colburn, Behnke and Malke

Board of Health - Sievert, Schmidt and Behnke

Other boards and committees were approved as follows:

Water & Sewer - Gryzwa, Meintz, George Cowell, ex-officio, Dan Seymour and Mary Ann Wills, secretary

Peshtigo UDAG Revolving Loan Fund - Gryzwa, Mayor Al Krizenesky, non-voting member, Wills, secretary, Sandra Eklund, Tom Maxwell, Mark Hannon and Glenn Seyfert

Board of Appeals - Kathleen Joy, Mary Seidl, Russell Thurow, Vern Rohde, Barb Baumann, and Rita Gulbertson and Lisa Behnke as alternates

Board of Review - Krizenesky, Assessor Jerry Pillath, nonvoting member, Wills, Colburn, Gryzwa and Sievert

Website Committee - Vicki Koronkiewicz, Gryzwa and Anita Morois

Ethics Committee - Barbara Bauman, Gerald Valley, James Swiatnicki, Seidl, Morois, Meintz and Malke

Plan Commission - Krizenesky, presiding officer, Cowell, Richard Thill, Donald Belonga, Marquita Limberg, Richard Spangenberg and Gryzwa

Wisconsin Development Fund Loan Committee - Gryzwa, Krizenesky, nonvoting member, Wills, secretary, Eklund, Maxwell, Hannon and Seyfert

Industrial Park Oversight - Krizenesky, Behnke, Malke and Ronald Banach, designated agent

Police Disciplinary Review Committee - Kathleen Selby, Tim Duket, Ronald Strojny, Eklund and Valley

City appointments were approved as follows:

City Attorney - Spangenberg

Deputy Weed Commissioner - Cowell

Building, Pulmbing & Electrical Inspector - Ronald J. Banach

Fire Chief - Steven Anderson

Health Officer - Dr. Jeffrey Orear

City Clerk-Treasurer - Wills