PESHTIGO — The Peshtigo Middle-High School Citizens Building Committee will recommend the proposal of a new school to the school board.

The committee Tuesday decided to recommend the proposal of a new school for April's referendum.

Next Wednesday the school board will be asked to adopt the ballot question regarding the new school, along with a second concerning a third gym space.

"According to the results from the survey that was sent out, 56 percent of the community wants you to go to referendum," said Megan Prestebak, business development specialist in the education market for Miron Construction of Green Bay.

Prestebak said that while more than half of the community supported the referendum, many didn't like the costs associated to the new building, which previously had been estimated at $34 million.

"We took all of this information (from the survey), along with the recommendations, and started looking at different options," Prestebak said. "As promised, we're still giving you an option for the current building and we're also giving you an option for the new building."

Option one involved renovating the building at a total of $25,236,065.

The renovating option would allow for the expansion of a library/creation of collaborating areas; expanding the tech ed program; improving building security, as well as the climate control.

It didn't address: the creation of flexible/appropriately sized classrooms; access to parking; traffic congestion/pedestrian safety; space for future expansion; increasing the amount of gym space and allowing school operations to run normally during construction.

Option two was building the new school for less of a cost. The total cost of a new building totals at $29,952,634.

"The community felt the new school was the best investment," Prestebak said. "But, from comments on the survey, they believe the original cost was too much."

According to Prestebak, all of the previous concerns addressed in the renovating option, would be covered in the construction of a new building.

"The survey said there was a lot of support for a new middle/high school, but not necessarily the dollars behind it," said Craig Uhlenbrauck, vice-president in the education sector for Miron. "Thirty four million dollars was going to be hard to pass via referendum. The last time we were here, we discussed if there was any way to really tighten the program to reduce the overall cost of the building."

For a referendum estimated at $30 million, the total estimated tax mill rate impact would be $1.95. In terms of a home assessed at $100,000 the annual impact would be $195, while the monthly impact would be $16.25.

"The weekly impact would be $3.47," Prestebak said. "This would be over a total of 23 years."

Prestebak said $4 million was taken out of the original $34 million plan regarding a new school, which is now at $29.96 million.

"We looked at maximizing the academic spaces and efficiently use the supporting spaces around it," she said.