MENOMINEE — According to Menominee Area Public Schools Superintendent John Mans, the district's 2017-18 general fund budget is in the black.

During Thursday night's meeting, Mans told the school board the projected positive fund balance is $699,404.

"We worked pretty hard at it," he said. "Really the biggest change in results has to do with enrollments. Because we're in a deficit elimination plan, we had an outside person do a projection on our enrollments. They projected we'd be down 55 students. We weren't."

Mans said the biggest difference the board was going to see regarding the budget was the having more students than the enrollment projectionist.

"We've done scrubbing and a lot of work; we enrolled more students than they projected. When we initially proposed a budget for this year prior to the deficit elimination plan, I think our expected fund balance projection at the end of the year was going to be $550,000.

"Fortunately we've been frugal about what we've done."

As of right now, the district has a 5.6 percent fund balance.

"Which would put us in a situation where we wouldn't be considered, in Michigan, as a deficit elimination district nor will we be in potential fiscal stress, which is usually for anyone under 5 percent," he said.

Mans said a lot of work went into the budget and much of the help came from the Menominee County Intermediate School District's business services.

"We've gone through this line by line," he said. "All of our staff have been very frugal about what they spend within their departments and within their buildings. It's been a great team effort to get where we are now."

As long as the district countinues to maintain budget controls and don't overspend, Mans said, the district can move forward.

"I think we can be fiscally sound," he said. "We have to make good decisions in order to maintain a fund balance. We'll be on the good side by the end of the year. We'll be able to overcome and move forward.

"I think there has been a lot of worry about Menominee Area Public Schools as of late financially. I think we can catch our breath more than anything. We can start to breathe and not always worry.

"I think some of it is a shot across the bow to remember that this is how things go — we have to make sure that we take care of ourselves in the future."