MENOMINEE — The Menominee County Sheriff’s Department held an award and recognition ceremony May 31, honoring five people with Meritorious Service Medals, as well as recognizing numerous deputies and officers for service years and accomplishments.
Five individuals — two Harris Township Volunteer firefighters, two officers from the Hannahville Police Department and a Menominee County Sheriff’s deputy  — received Meritorious Service Medals for their roles in rescuing an 8-year-old boy trapped in a burning mobile home Dec. 27 in Harris Township.
Deputy Vincent O. Studer was the first to arrive at the scene that day and attempted to enter the engulfed mobile home. He continued to reach through windows to search and pulled fire hoses and sprayed water on the structure until firefighters were able to don gear and enter. Studer was handed the boy through the window, and he carried him to the EMS vehicle.
Studer suffered smoke inhalation, but continued to perform his duties until he was relieved at the hospital and then sought treatment, according to Sheriff Kenny Marks.
Marks also recognized Harris Township Firefighters James D. Leveck and Matthew A. Larson, who were the first and second firefighters, respectively, to appear at the scene.
Both donned SCBA and Leaveck searched for the child until his air supply was depleted, but after a large area had been covered. When Larson took over, he was able to quickly locate the boy and hand him out to Studer.
Hannaville Police Officers Nicholas S. Pellegrini and David J. Adams were first-responders to the scene. They also attempted to enter the mobile home, but could not because of the smoke and fire. They assisted with hoses and searched by reaching in to areas near the windows.
Marks said all five men took actions that day “under adverse conditions with a high degree of hazard” and commended them for their efforts that reflected positively on themselves, their departments and the community.
Other sheriff’s department employees who were honored included:
Honorable Discharge Medal (Recognition of a deputy who is eligible for retirement and/or entering new employment opportunities and has served the community during his/her period of service in an honorable fashion) — Nancy Carlson
Ready Commendation Medal (Completion of 15 years of service and continuing to qualify as being professionally ready to perform and dispatch his/her duties in the highest level of performance) — Roxanne Drust (second award for 30 years — gold star); Tom Nettleton, Greg Nast, Joel Doubek, Jean Kosewski, Tina Nast, Michael Holmes, Tom Draze, Greg Hanson, Aaron Ihander, Jacki Ross (over 15 on 4/1/2014) and Jim LaRoche (over 15 on 5/17/2014)
K9 Citation Bar (Community team of master and canine) — Draze, T. Nast and David Ashby
Desert Storm Citation Bar (participation in foreign services ISO Operation Desert Storm) — Holmes and Donald Martz
Iraq Campaign Citation Bar (Military police officers participation ISO Operation Iraqi Freedom) — Doubek
National Defense Citation Bar — G. Nast, Doubek, Marks, Martz, Troy Rivard, Greg Peterson and Holmes.