MENOMINEE - Menominee Area Public Schools Interim Superintendent Mike Cattani called the five-year strategic plan for the district a living document that can undergo change.

"But it's something I feel the district needed to get us moving in the right direction," he said.

Cattani spoke Thursday during a special MAPS Board of Education meeting to discuss and consider the strategic plan, which it later approved.

The strategic plan, which consists of a 24-page packet, covers objectives for six major areas: achievement, facilities, finance, communications, community-corporate relations and technology. It also includes strategies, action steps, who's accountable, key members and target dates for accomplishing each objective in those six major areas.

Cattani thanked John Hofer, who facilitated the strategic plan for the district at no cost, and everyone who participated in the process.

"Hopefully it helps us move in the right direction and meet some goals," Cattani said.

Board President Ken Pulver, who also thanked Hofer, said the board must adhere to the strategic plan but make necessary adjustments and updates based on the best information available. In the end, it's a good recipe to help the district become successful, Pulver said.

He also hopes the strategic plan helps stabilize declining enrollment in the district which has fluctuated from 1 to 5 percent during the past 20 years.

"That's not a unique trend for our school system, but hopefully we can potentially grow the district and help bring some of that funding up that we've been losing because of some of the students that we've lost," Pulver said.

Hofer recommended that board committees that are responsible for achieving the goals in the five areas of the strategic plan review the document quarterly.

"'Did we do what we said we were going to do?'" he said. "'Are we making progress on those things that are going to be coming up and if not, why not?' And make that part of the full report back to the full board and the public."

Hofer also encouraged the board to keep the committees that participated in the strategic plan intact.

"If you can keep those teams together, if you can enhance those teams, that would be wonderful because the level of discourse and discussion was very good," he said. "There were a lot of experts in the room and the dialogue was constructive. It was very invigorating for an outsider to see that level of dialogue. So if you can maintain that, I think you're taking a major step in the right direction."

In other action, the board approved a resolution recognizing Kameron Burmeister, a member of the varsity cross country team at Menominee High School, for her excellence on the course and beyond.
EagleHerald staff writer

MENOMINEE - The five-year strategic plan for Menominee Area Public Schools covers six major areas.

They are:

Achievement: MAPS wants to improve student achievement so achievement targets set by school improvement teams are met or exceeded and the graduation rate reaches 90 percent two years in a row. MAPS plans to achieve that objective by aligning its curriculum to state and national standards by 2018, enhancing professional development to support performance growth and improvement, support educational programs with efficient and effective allocation of resources and actively engaging stakeholders in the educational process and outcomes.

Facilities: MAPS wants to provide safe, secure, well-maintained and efficiently operated school buildings to ensure its students' success and well-being. MAPS plans to achieve that objective by developing and executing a long-range master facility plan, improving the security and safety of students and visitors in facilities, improving resource conservation and energy efficiency and increasing students, staff and stakeholder engagement with facilities.

Finance: MAPS wants to be financially sound by attaining a fund balance of 5 percent of its operating revenue in five years. MAPS plans to achieve that objective by securing public funding to support a master facilities plan, infrastructure repair, maintenance and upgrades, identifying additional revenue sources to support program, managing expenses in a fiscally sound manner that meets district educational needs and increasing district enrollment.

Communications: MAPS wants to improve community and internal engagement and support through an effective communications program. MAPS plans to achieve that objective by developing a consistent branding message, developing and implementing a communication plan for effective and systematic communication with all internal and external constituency groups.

Community-corporate relations: MAPS wants to grow the development and success of partnerships between MAPS and businesses and community to ensure that students are prepared to contribute successfully to the ever-changing business and community environments. MAPS plans to achieve that objective by improving student awareness for post-secondary study/workforce options, building partnerships with business and professional community and improving instructional support for the program.

Technology: MAPS wants to provide a technology program that is updated, reliable, supported and integrated through the curriculum. It will ensure that staff, parents and students have knowledge and skills to use the technology to reach academic goals. MAPS plans to achieve that objective by improving instructor, student and parent technology efficiency and establishing a technology infrastructure that supports the district education program.

The strategic plan includes strategies, corresponding action steps, key members and target dates for accomplishing each objective in the six major areas.