PESHTIGO — The Common Council of the City of Peshtigo on Tuesday authorized the two juveniles who vandalized city-owned property last December to utilize the beach of Badger Park.

A letter dated June 26 to the city council from Diane J. Ries of the Marinette County Health and Human Services made the request on behalf of the two juveniles (whose names are not being released because they are under the age of 18) she works with.

“Unfortunately, the two boys made a bad decision in the past and are learning to understand fully the consequences of their actions,” she wrote.
Ries said she has been monitoring the court orders and providing supervision to the boys since February, and they have been complying with the court-ordered conditions and have been a pleasure to work with.

“There is ongoing communication with their parents and the agency. This worker has not had to sanction them or utilize the court system to impose any further consequences,” she said.

To date, the boys have been participating in counseling, working with the Work Restitution Program, completed school on a positive note, and wrote appropriate and meaningful apology letters.

Ries said she respectfully asks the city to allow the two boys and their family access to the beach that is part of Badger Park.

“I feel they have earned this privilege and should be allowed to gain access to the beach area with the supervision of their parents. The boys have three other siblings in the home, the beach is in close distance to their home and it is a positive family activity that doesn’t cost the family too much money,” the letter states.

Ries added the juvenile system is focused on a portion of punishment, community safety, but most importantly rehabilitation.

“These two boys made a bad decision when they damaged Badger Park and are willing to continue to attempt to make this right. They need to be given the opportunity again to make this right,” Ries said. “As stated previously to Mr. David Zahn (Parks and Recreation Director) and in the court report, the agency recommends they are allowed to provide community service back to the community that have ‘wronged.’”
Alderwoman Brigitte Schmidt said the boys and their family just want to use the beach for family outings.

“It’s not in their sentence but they want our permission,” she said.

Alderman David Marquette said he feels the boys are making good strides in their rehabilitation.

Schmidt said the boys would only go to the beach with their parents.

Council approved allowing the two juvenile boys access to the beach at Badger Park with the supervision of their parents.

At the next parks and recreation committee meeting, in closed session with the county social worker, there will be discussion regarding community service in the park system.

In other action, council:

Was notified of foreclosure of tax liens in the city. Those being Richard and Krisy Oestreich and Dumke Forest Products Inc. Alderman Tom Gryzwa said the finance and claims committee will discuss UDAG/RLF loans and payments in relation to this issue at their next meeting.
If the taxes are not paid on these units, the county will own the real estate.

“No matter what position we hold, we will look at this very closely,” Gryzwa said.

Approved a Class B Fermented Malt Beverage and Intoxicating Liquor License to Jerry Koronkiewicz, The Office, 735 French St. (formerly Bob’s Bar).

Approved the purchase of a 2014 Ford F150 Pickup Truck with four-wheel drive and the additional trailer tow package option for $21,907. The streets and drainage committee on June 18 discussed why a new truck was needed and the details of that and the age of other city-owned vehicles.

Approved setting the naming rights for the baseball fields at $5,000 a year in five-year increments per field with payment options negotiable at the time of contract signing. This is to raise money for the parks.
Was notified by Fire Chief Steven Anderson of the resignation of Robert Van Sleet, who is leaving due to future employment plans that may take him out of the area for long periods of time. In addition, James Pariso stepped down as captain back to a position as firefighter. Anderson assigned Christopher Erickson as 2nd assistant chief, Christopher Rohde from lieutenant to captain to fill Pariso’s spot, and Joel Ahrens from firefighter to lieutenant to fill Rohde’s spot.