MARINETTE - There are only a few details left before city Financial Director Kathy Cleven has a completed preliminary 2014 budget for the City of Marinette. The Marinette Finance and Insurance Committee approved the budget with the potential changes Wednesday to move to a public hearing later in November.

These details and potential changes include school tax credits and open enrollment for employee health insurance, among a few others.

"I'm sure there will be other small amounts that will come in," Cleven added at the committee meeting Wednesday afternoon.

There were a few changes made between the last draft of the budget and the one Cleven presented to the committee Wednesday.

These changes included money restored to the street construction fund that was cut in earlier drafts of the budget. The new total for that fund is $1.08 million.

"The main thing was putting money in for the Marinette Avenue project," Committee Chairperson Bradley Behrendt said. "We could have waited another year for that project. As it is, we will still be redoing the roads around Zion Lutheran Church. That whole area will be redone in 2014."

Capital outlay projects for the Senior Center were inadvertently not included in earlier budgets. Recreation Director Kent Kostelecky said the roof of the Senior Center building is in great disrepair and needs to be replaced.

The total projected revenue for 2014 is $10.9 million with the same amount in projected expeditures.

"Everything is preliminary right now," Behrendt said. "But what we have is a pretty good estimate of what we will have."

The next Finance and Insurance Committee meeting will be held Nov. 20 at 4:30 p.m., with the public hearing for the 2014 budget held the same day at 5:30.

Behrendt said he is very grateful for the work Cleven has put into the budget this year.

"I can't say enough of Kathy coming on the job, she did an excellent job," he said. "She worked well with Brian (Miller). As John Marx said at the last meeting, this is one of the best budgets we've seen, everything is right there; easy to look at and easy to interpret."