WAUSAUKEE - Before several members of the public wearing red Save Our School t-shirts, the Wausaukee School District was given a new lease on life.

The School District Boundary Appeals Board agreed to allow Wausaukee schools to continue operations beyond this school year.

More testimony was presented during the Tuesday meeting and the board voted 7-0 to "overturn the board of education's decision to dissolve the district."

The school district's financial crisis led to the decision to dissolve. A failed referendum gave the board of education no other choice but to vote to dissolve the school district.

After the decision was made, district taxpayers called for another referendum August 19, which was approved.

Because the board had already agreed to dissolve the district, the appeals board was mandated to decide the issue.

EagleHerald reporter David Keup will have more on the decision in Thursday's paper.